Do my speakers exist anywhere else other than in my house for christs sake


darren watson
does any-one else own some floorstanding eltax'es with two main drivers (this is per cabinet)(8 inch i think),a sort of inverted 4 or 5 inch mid range above them and a tiny tweeter above that that has a black plastic housing /surrounding and says "titanium" on it.they have removable black cloth grills that cover all the drivers and leaves about 5 or 6 inches of exposed cabinet. on the back theres a bass port about 4 or 5 inches in diameter and a sticker in the centre of the speaker(i havent got all the details cos i forgot to write them down and im at work now)that says eltax titanium 1.4, sinus power 400 watts, music power 180 watts.thats all the info i have on them right now,oh,mine have a beech finish front i dont know what other finishes they might come with. ive looked on eltax's site & the bl**dy things are nowhere to be seen.its as if they dont exist? which doesnt make it easy for me to replace my knackered mid range and tweeter in one of them,any help finding out either more about my speakers or the parts i need to replace will stop me from killing myself,thanx.

yes i have sum eltax speakers exactly the same as u and have a broken tweeter as well, i was hoping to maybe bye ur working tweeter as u bought them ages ago and now its a year after u posted this message but im 19 from north england (s.yorkshire) and my email adress is
will quick
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