Matching Center Speaker for my Klipsch KG-4.2


Jack Smith
I am very happy with my 1992 Klipsch KG-4.2 front speakers but my center channel really sucks! Any suggestions for a matching center speaker?

The Klipsch KV-1. This is the center channel I used for a number of years paired up with my KG 4.2s, as well as my KG .5 book shelf speakers for the back channels.

I am looking to sell my KV-1. It is in excellent condition. It is black.

Let me know if you are interested.



I use a KG2.5 for my center, KG4.2s as my mains, KG2.2s as my surrounds & a KV-3 as my rear-center. I'm pretty sure the KG2.2, KG2.5 & the KV-series(but not the KV-4) use the same 1" tweeter which is the recommended match for the 4.2s. Ideally a lone 4.2 should be used but it's usually impractical. The larger KG centers have deeper bass but are a little less sensitive than the KV so just nudge the center level up a notch or two.

So you use a 4.2 as a center channel?

Isn't that a little big?
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