Subwoofer Rattle


Just got a new PSB Sub 6 and hooked it up. It sounds great until it hits the real lows. When it does it starts rattling. I took the back off and found the rattle is coming from the magnet itself. If I apply pressure on the magnet, the rattle stops. It this a defect or is it because to speaker is not broken in?

Sean Sateren
I'm not an expert, but I would say because it's defective. If it's not defective, then the company didn't do a very good job of extensive testing. But there are many other possibilities to observe. I would doubt that it's because the speaker is not broken in. Talk to your retailer about it, and think about returning your sub for a working model (if it is defective.) Are you sure it's the magnet? The screws may not be screwed in all of the way, and pressing on the magnet secures the sub to the box. It could also be the piece of plywood (or whatever) the subwoofer is screwed to. The piece of wood my woofer is screwed to rattles at high volumes, except for when I put pressure on the wood around the speaker.


Actually, it sounds like something came loose in shipping--a very common occurance. Have it replaced by your dealer. He will do it as the product is defective.
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