$1000+ subwoofers


Does anyone have any personal experience with the definitive technologies supercube I subwoofer? Can anyone suggest a better subwoofer for around the same price or less. The louder the better ;)

Al Holland
I went from a PW2200 to the supercube 1 last week.
I have also owned the Def Tech PF15TL.
The only sub that I have heard that is as good or maybe better is the HGS 18.
You can find many loud subs (just get a 15 or 18) but you will not likely get quality bass. I have not attempted to see how loud the SC1 will play.
I prefer a blended quality bass sound to the boom box/thumping and distorted sound.
I could not recommend a better sub for the same price or higher.
I keep my sub at the 10 o'clock volume position and it reaches 104 db with my Rotel 1066 volume at 3/4 of its volume. This is loud enough for me.
Best of luck in your quest to find the right sub.

Go with svs cs ultra 899 w/o amp 1299 w/amp. Might be able to buy the amp separately elsewhere and save some money. I have the svs 20-39PCi, the entry level, and I like it much more than my old (8 mos) def tech pf15tl. I moved the def tech to my bedroom system because i wanted the extra output for my ht setup.
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