How to make ur speakers hit harder?


lemme no how and let me no by e-mailing me at... {crazy}

how do u get the wire speakers work on a house stereo? if u have AIM then IM me on babyboorooYEOJ or e-mail me at



Ok, I'm starting to get a handle on this. I got the AOL Instant Messenger part. Now, let's see...u can git ur spkrs 2 hit harder by drppin em frm a hier elv. wire spkrs wrk by pluckin' em.
How's that?

Ha, Ha, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, Ha! Ahhhh...

OK, I'm back.

That's prety good.

I'm not real keen on having e-mail pen pals so I'll actually address the question here, except the wire speakers one because I don't understand the question. I think what you're referring to is mid-bass punch which seems very popular with the young car audio crowd. It's actually an inaccuracy in low frequency range. It's easy to accomplish though if that's what you want. You can set up a graphic equalizer and bump up the 60 Hz range. Many powered subs you can buy are designed with this bump built in or they have a "bass boost" switch of some kind. Also, hard hitting bass takes a bit of power. You're not going to get it with your mini-system. A 250 W dedicated sub amp is probably a good starting point.

Thank you....thank you...thank you very much... I'll be in town through Sunday. Bring your friends.
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