Aperion Audio Intimus 7.1 Home Theater Speaker System


Brian Mitchell
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I sort of expect more from the "Founder and CEO" of this site, but then again I usually expect more.

I think it's commendable that you offer reviews yourself, but it seems more self-gratifying than useful.

Do I necessarilly care that the package showed up in velvet...c'mon. What I want to know (and most of the people we in the receiver BBS try to help people with) is how does this particular product compare *specifically* with others in it's price range. Give us a shoot-out with more objective criteria from which to form intellignet comparisons.

For example, your review tells me nothing of how this Aperior rig compares with a fully kitted-out M&K K-series 7.1 setup, or a Polk sub/sat system, or the Energy Take 5.2 system, or the Athena Tech S2/P2 combo...all of which would be thoroughbred competitors (and all of which, polk notwithstanding, are very, very highly acclaimed).

You say that one would be "hard pressed to find better below $1659..." what!? The Energy system is $630 in 5.1 config with 100watt sub, a M&K system with K-5's (7 of them) all around and a K9 sub would come in under $1300, that's just off the top of my head!

Basically, you make sweeping generalities which are the plague of audio trade magazines. You essentially say nothing while attributing the short-comings of this system to being,

"...inherent in all similarly priced sub/sat speaker systems..."

What exactly does this mean. Any cursory review of the M&K K4 kit shows that for *less* than the Aperior's cost, one can actually get phenomenal sound.

You do many readers here an injustice. There are some very smart and very dedicated folks here (myself included) who really try and help fellow posters with honest advice based on hours and hours of our own research, experience, and interest in helping others who are now in the positions we were in when considering purchases.

You've not told anyone anything that helps. All you've done is put your name on the front page and potentially placate or attract an advertiser...woopee.

As of this morning (I know I looked out of curiosity) I've posted 161 posts in the BBS section of this board. 95% of those posts were specifically trying to help other members.

You should try looking at the content we post for you for free sometime for how to write a review!

Regards, and despite me being critical, thanks for maintaining the site...I just expect more from you.


Go, Hipster, Go!!!

I couldn't agree more.

Wanting as much detail as possible on quality sub/satellite options, I liked Brain Mitchell's critical review. Hipster makes valid points of wanting other direct comparisons, but I can't say that is an easy task to pull off.

I went with the Aperion system because of the massive quantity of quite positive reviews from buyers/users as well as potentially biased individual reviews. I wish I could read more about the quality competitors like the Energy and M&K equivalents, but Aperion's money back guarantee, customer service, and attention to aesthetics, sure didn't dissuade me from buying given the scant quantity and availability of direct comparisons.

Go to CNET to see how they reviewed Energy and Aperion. Energy got a 7.0 for their 5.2 and Aperion got an 8.8 for their 5.1 setup. I have the Aperions and they ROCK!!!

Olsen Ørjan
Do anyone know the price of a sherwood RV-5050RDS reciever???
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