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I'd appreciate any input on BIC speaker systems, notably the DV680 and DV32 series. Thanks in advance....

Just to clarify, I was referring to their home theater systems and was hoping to hear back from someone who either owned them, heard them, or could point me in the direction of an online review or two..... ;-)

Hi Mike,

It is me again....

...if you live in & around Atlanta, GA....please let me know. I know a place where you can get new BIC speakers for a lot cheaper price than its advertised price. Check the site

They sound real good. I'm planning to buy a pair of DV32 Series speakers for just $69.99.
Send me a mail back at

I've seen the DV32s online in the $55-60 price range. One of my options was to get a couple of sets of DV32s, along with a DV32CLR Center and DV80 or DV815 subwoofer. The problem I'm having justifying it is that I've never heard this speaker arrangement, cannot find anyone who has, nor have I been able to find any online reviews. It would be a REAL leap of faith (...and expense) to order this set-up. And then I'd have to cross my fingers and HOPE that it sounded great in my living room hooked up to a Kenwood 6070.

That being so, I might just end up getting the JBL SCS150 speaker system; which I've yet to read a bad review about, and have had others recommend.

And, nope, I don't live anywhere near GA. :)

In the end, after a LOT of thought and online reading, I decided to go with the JBL SCS-150 to compliment the Kenwood VR-6070. I think they'll both work out well together, and are certainly going to be a LOT better than what I've got now.

Sorry you didn't buy the bic speakers---bic is a company that has been around for 40+ years and makes an outstanding speaker for the buck ---british made in late 60--early 70. Now Bic America but I own several of their systems and they are fantastic---venturi series-- Dv52,Dv62,DvCenters And Subwoofers 12"

I too use to own BIC speakers and loved their sound. I am looking to set up a home theater using BIC. My thoughts are this:
MAINS: DV5312 towers with optional amps
I would utilize the subs in the towers instead of a separate sub.

Question I have though is this. I noticed the amp is set up to accept both both Dolby Pro Logic and Dolby Digital as separate inputs. How are these hooked up? Also when using two subs how is it hooked up? Only on sub out on the receiver I am looking at.
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