I am new to this. A few Questions.


I am new to the "audiophile" quality equipment market, but I am excited to learn, and experience excellence in sound. I have currently built a system featuring a Marantz 1530 Tuner, Adcom 545 Amp, Harmon Kardon CDR-20 Cd Player, and Infinity Interlude IL10 Speakers. First off, I haven't received all of these components yet, so I haven't had a chance to hear it all together. My question is, how can I know if these components (or any components) will play well together. How does one match up components? Should I expect good things from what I have put together? Thanks in advance for any advice you can give a newbie like me.

Generally, you won't know how it all sounds together till it is together. In addition, as I've just found out, room dynamics can play a very large role as to how your system sounds vs what you heard in various show/demo rooms.

The best advise to give is to form a good relationship with a local dealer that will let you return equipment if it's just not what you want and try different products. I've also found they can help you match equipment toward a particular stlye of sound i.e. warmer very hi-rez, etc.

This is one main advantage of shoppping at dedicated audio/theater shop vs the big box oulet.

Also, my experence has also shown that it can take upwards of a couple months till the system is even broken in for all compoents to really sho thier true voice ( or did I just get used to them?)

Anyway, make sure you put enjoyment of music first.

Have fun
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