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Rockford 750S ampdan mack2
Ur help needed with a car cd playerAnonymous2
Static and AmpsMatt Pater2
Help selecting an ampGeorge Nelson2
Help me, pleaseAnonymous3
Alphasonik Amp CHC 2125! for sale 250W Mono 2 OhmSamnCal2
Amp QuestionAnonymous2
HiFonics Series VII Aphrodite 50 x 6 ampt .r.3
I need HelpAnonymous4
Are there any 2 channel class d amplifiers on the market?Anonymous2
Can i run subs - off a stage keyboard amp, with ext speaker outJP7
2 15" kicker comp vr, what amp...Han Solo2
Advice on good amp to run subHan Solo3
Autotek MX250Rene Ramirez2
Profile brand, any good?Justin Stark2
I need helpJustin Stark2
Need Amp Have no idea what kind?? Help??Justin Stark2
REMOTE WIRE?Justin Stark4
Sub/ amp for a Wrangler... no idea what to doMurphy2
What type of amp do I need to power two 120 watt speakers?Anonymous3
2 Amplifiers 1 Preoutmotoman224
Will this be loud and clear enough?....I need your feedback!!Anonymous2
Making a car amp mobiladam dennison3
Amp cuts out ??????Derek2
Amp suggestionCHRIS2
Need an amp suggestion for 2 12's..CHRIS2
Amplifiers dos nar turne on i know it worksCHRIS2
Looking for 1 or 2 amp to power my subsmike2
What amp would run 2 12" Alpine type "R" the best?Matt8
3 Kicker comp 15'sCHRIS4
Help!!!! All Experts!!!Jon Smith6
Rockford Fosgate Power 1000.2Anonymous2
Remote wire... help!Anonymous3
Tube car amplifiersDavid Gill12
Vibe VP Series Ampsfilter2
Amp RequirementsWil3
Have 2 subs do i need 2 channel amp or can i use mono?Brian3
Looking for adviceAllen Ignacio2
Kicker 400.2 must sellMatthew Urbano3
Amp for 2 Rockford Fosgate HX2 10" Subs (RFD2210)Anonymous2
Connecting two ampsDerek2
Remote wireCambo2
JL 15W6 (dual 6ohms),,,,what amp?tango4
Need an amp for 2 alpine 1221 D type R'sAdam Dean2
Alpine MRD-M500 adjusting the digital??Adam2
Easy question I hope.Adam2
Mtx amplifiersAdam4
Amps in the HomeAdam2
Amp remote wireAdam2
Alpines mrd 300 ampAdam2
Best amp for 1 infinity perfect 12.1Derek3
Linear Power 5002 AmpsTommy Gibson2
Second batteryChris Ritzville4
A good amp for Infiniti Kappa 12inch DVC?Kappadona3
MTX Amp problem - not shutting offDerek7
Need Expert help and details why plz...Anonymous2
Need Help picking an ampJosh Money2
Eclipse 3241 2/3/4 w/ channelflex crossoverretard2
Good Ampretard4
Question on which amp to buy for a pair of 600w kenwood 12"retard2
You Know a affordable Car Amp w/ Capicitor for a ... ?retard2
Im having sub problems--please helpAnonymous2
Rockford + InfinityRyan White2
Rockford Fosgate 700s Ryan3
Removing Protected Modemary childress3
New to car ampsjunglejuice4
Multiple amp hook-upjosh2
Old amp no powermarcus8
Sony amp, somethings wrong!marcus4
Probably a stupid questionAnonymous4
Crossfire Car Amp Help...Anonymous2
What amp is good for 2 12" jl audiomarcus5
4 channel amp+12"dvc sub= 1 channel???Anonymous2
97 F-150 factory wirng colorssam2
Lightning audio strike 300 watt ampmusclestang983
Can i run 2 channels to one sub ????????please help?ive tried many ...Anonymous4
LEGACY 1000wNeil19
Power and remote through fusebox?shaun3
GSX-32DC is this amp any good?shaun2
12" SL7 WiringB Bangin2
Stretch daddy amps?Anonymous2
Multi-channel and DVC helpAnonymous2
Sansui car ampAnonymous2
Amp popsstorm2
Who can spot the weasel? smoked car ampstorm5
Help!! I have 2 10" Jensen subs and I need to know what amp I shoul...shaun4
Help choosing an Amp please.Anonymous2
Just a Sub Amp!Paulo Segio3
HELP IM CLUELESS! experts pleaseAnonymous5
Capicitor help..........Paulo Sergio4
Amps...3 brands one purpose.Bass Thrust3
I'm an Idiot - please helpBass Thrust3
Easy ap questionBass Thrust5
Old alphasonik amp,howmany watts?Bass Thrust2
Alphasonik 2075Bass Thrust2
Do I need a capacitor or new alternator???Bass Thrust3
2 amps total 800 watts 2 sony explod subs total 1600 watts --> IDEA...Anonymous2
EVERYONE LOOK AT THIS, this is incredibleAnonymous7
Kicker kx1200.1 - what sub?Anonymous3
Jl audio subs 4 ohm 8 ohmlarry brogdon5
Audiobahn systemAnonymous2
Can anybody tell me what a preamp is for?Richard Bogart2
Whats the peak?jon3
I have 2 12" JL W3-D2's... are they underpowered????Phatness3
Amp suggestion for sony p5'sAnonymous6
Help with Kicker ZR360 info....Russ2
What amp for MTX 6000derek I.2
Amp for 10" infinity subsDerek I.3
Best Capacitors derek I.5
Can multi channel amp work?kgj5
Best 5 Ch. Amp? PPI, Viper, JL??- Help MeAnonymous2
WANTED a nice JL 500x1 or similar ampAnonymous3
AMP for 2 400 W Audiobhan Subsjon8
Capacitor installationjon2
Solid state amplifierDerek2
Farad to watt ratio?Anonymous5
10" infinity subs with rockford fosgate 501 punchluke7
Which amp should I buy for my subs?Anonymous5
Sound in only one channelAnonymous2
Whats the best amp.Anonymous2
Infinity subs with kenwood 1000W amp, good match?Anonymous4
BOSS amp shuts off after a few secondsNeil S4
Subwoofer helpAnonymous2
2 12's Polk/Momo MM124 | NEED A GOOD AMPshapour6
Amp shuts off after a few seconds. Whats the problemShapour4
How to hook ampgt9112
Fuse for mrd-m300Lsuxterra2
Sansui car cd playerEdward Wilson2
Car audio questionBrandon Brock4
Amp size to speaker sizeJake5
Need help with amps!SC2
Different impedances on amp?kj2
How to run a power lead from the batt. to the amprob5
Legasy amps???toXik4
Need amp helpHarrison Price2
2 infinity 12zINFINITY_4_EVER2
New sony mono amps good or badThe Good Guy4
Xplod AmpsAnonymous2
Subwoofer/Amp trouble. Need Help.Anonymous14
I just got 2 10" audiobahn subs in a bandpass box and need help wit...Anonymous2
DOES THIS SOUND OK!!!?????????tie2
Is an soundstorm amp any good.Anonymous3
Kole amps any good?JOHN2
Amp for 2 rockford fosgate HE2'srondrick brown2
Amp is on but no volumeBrendan Rice5
Car Audio Set-upAdman4
Rockford Fosgate SUCKS!!!Jake Myers3
Will a sub work below its rms valueAnonymous2
RMS fulfillment of subwoofers.Anonymous6
How to get the max thump in my trunkAnonymous3
How hot should a amp get?J4
Amp help for 12" L7, PLEASE!!! teflondog2
Kicker Ampanthony jhonson2
I need an amp for my 15"anthony j3
Old school zapco ampsanthony j3
Do you have to match the ohms together to get the best sound?anthony j3
Loud Jimmy System.....Derek I.10
RCA helpTom2
System doesn't sound right anymoreTom2
Alpine 3015 preamp 3512/3518 poweramps info req pleaseTom2
Wiring two 15" subs into 900 watt mono ampTom2
I need help with my speakersTom3
Amp vs. speaker wiringTom2
Help me choose...tom2
NEED HELP!! amp is shutting offTom4
Good stock speakers but needs bass. please help meanthony jhons3
AMP OVERHEATS HELP!!! PLEASE!!!!anthony jhons3
Do you guys even have car stereos???ant4
Do I Need a Cap for a JL 500/5?Derek I.6
Choosing the correct AmpDerek I2
I need some help pleaseANTHONY J2
A Few Questions On JL AudioDerek I.4
How to wire 2 amp to one rca line out from a aiwa head unitDerek I.2
Are Hyfonic Amps any Good??Ryan M.2
Amp for a 10" 1000 watt rms rockford fosgatejeff2
Amp for Audiobahn 10" subs??? PLZ HELPAnonymous4
Amplifier / subwoofer power ratioAnonymous3
Questions About AmpsTavis Lloyd6
Am i screwed?teflondog2
JLW0 or Alpine type s? teflondog2
What kind of amp do I need?teflondog2
Looks like im no longer neededteflondog2
Power Issues motoman228
Help me PLEASE quick ?teflondog6
What subs should i get in the price range of 160.0 to 200.00 please...teflondog2
What kind of amp should i get for 1 kicker comp vr 15'Jamie5
Power Cablemotoman226
New battery or alternator?motoman228
Cooling ur systemmotoman222
Best amp for 2 pyramids please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!teflondog3
Question on 4 ohms amp selectionteflondog2
HELP!!!!!!! MTX 81000D / SHOULD I RUN 2 12"ALPINE R'S (SEALED) OR 1...Anonymous7
New help with amp pick for 2 rock ford 10steflondog2
Kicker kx800.2teflondog2
Fitting a Amp to a VW Polomotoman223
Kenwood KAC7201 800Wmax & Pioneer GMX332 question Cap or no Cap?Brian Garcia3
Dual Voice Coils and connecting them...teflondog3
I cant figure out how to pull my system offteflondog2
Amp, subs, and cap.teflondog2
Need Opinionsteflondog2
Kenwood KAC7201 dilemmateflondog6
What is the best setting for the lowpass crossover on your ampteflondog3
Best Amp for Two(2) Type R 12'sAnonymous8
Amp for 2 JL Audio 12W7teflondog3
Help teflondog10
A good amp for around $150teflondog2
I am new to all of the car stereo stuff and I need alot of helpteflondog2
Fuse for my amp?!teflondog4
Need help with this amp!teflondog6
Help selecting ampteflondog10
Are planet audio amps good ?Anonymous9
Humming noise from subteflondog4
My AMP keeps heating upteflondog3
Need Help with Saturn 1996 SC2...teflondog2
SoundStorm F500.2 Ampteflondog9
12" alpine type-rAnonymous3
I need a good amp for $120Ray H10
Looking for a Small AMP (Dimensions)motoman224
I need help!!motoman226
CAN SOME ONE HELP ?teflondog4
When i was a young wart hogAnonymous3
Battery cablesAnonymous3
Amp power cablesmotoman222
Just want to clear something upteflondog2
Amp Setup?teflondog7
Pioneer amp and no bassAlex3
What is the diffence!! HOT TOPIC!!Dominic L.8
Popping sound Jim Strong5
Alternator noiseJim Strong3
Type rAnonymous10
Need help with what amp i should buyAnonymous3
Help with 2 12" Alpine Type R 1241DDirtTrackRacer6
P-o-o-p is cool when its a 12 in. slogteflondog3
For the thousandth time, don't look at peak power ratings!!!teflondog7
System Hook Up problemsAnonymous3
In desperate need of helpDirtTrackRacer4
General question to solve lots of problemsmd20106
Soundstorm amps?Charlie6
Audiobahn 1000 vs alpine 1000 watt amp Anonymous5
Solo-Baric L7Doug2
Installation helpAnonymous3
RF 1001bd or JL 500/1 or something else?teflondog6
Can some one help me?DirtTrackRacer2
I need a very big amp. between 2000 and 2500 watts D class true pow...Johnnie Harper16
What amp should I buy?Jim Strong3
Need a little help, have parts just help installingMENOCIDE12
Can I isolate my batteries without the isolator?teflondog2
2 Alpine m350's?teflondog2
Will this amp work for me???teflondog2
Fosgate 500s... needs more input?Alex3
Help with a Capmotoman222
Bridge or not to bridgeteflondog4
To bridge or not to bridge?teflondog7
Recommedations and overal infoteflondog2
12" type-E teflondog4
Need wiring help for Sherwood XA 1140 AmpJason Elliott4
Khz settings ? on headunitAnonymous3
Kenwood amps any good? have 2 rockford HE2 12 inch subsjohn2
LA amp need advising on new subsDiesel3
1600 watt amp for $50 on ebayit3
Low and High Pass FiltersEZ8
Is this made??Anonymous2
I need amp help, BAD! teflondog4
Why a Parametric Equalizer?EZ3
Does the number of channels a amp has matter?Matt N.2
Dead Alpine 3555 amp wantedMatt N.2
Need help i cooked 4 L5 in a month 4 ohm 12"Matt N.2
Figuring ohms load of an ampMatt N.2
What size Capacitor should i getMatt N.2
How do install the capacitor to my ampAnonymous3
Speaker wire from amps to subs?DirtTrackRacer4
Need help with my setupSpazzTic20
I need to find an amp to push 2 15" vr kicker comps dual 2 ohm 250....Sean G3
What kind of amp to use??Anonymous2
Pyramid, Lanzar,Cyclone ,American Legacy ,Pyle with xplod 1200watts...Amit10
Light dimmingmotoman223
Need wiring help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Anonymous2
2 JL 12" w3v2, reccomended amp?Anonymous3
Is Mobile authority amps any good? motoman222
Will my subs blowmotoman225
Where is the bestmotoman222
Connecting laptop to car stereo.tifish6
Sony Xplod amp need help!! teflondog2
Two amps better than one????DB2
Power to my amp????Anonymous2
My subs arent putting sound out hlp DB2
What do i do to get upto 150db what do i need?Dennis Budde6
Soundstream rubican 1000/2 amp or ultra linear 1000/2 ampvince w2
Where to hook up a remote wire?Jimmy9
Battery direct input?????Mark Stailes5
What is best counding sub/amp package?Anonymous4
Some advice pleaseJeff Cowles2
Subwoofer Helpjehiel toles7
What kind of amp do u suggest is best for mewes6
Audiobahn A8002T Intake ampAnonymous2
My Amp wont stay on !Anonymous3
Amplifier power balancing problem?nick2
1000 watt ampswoody215
A good amp to buy??Anonymous3
Someone help meReg Taylor13
Rockfor Fosgate help!!!!goat9
New at this stuffMicheal fethem3
Need help hooking up Audiobahn15'sAnonymous2
Is this setup any good?Anonymous2
More Punch, Less Drag??????????????????????Alex2
Why does my protection come on when I plug in the RCA'sI need help13
Rockford or lighting audioDirtTrackRacer2
I need a manual for alpine 3566 ampvito de lorenzo2
JL VS KickerDTR6
Bass shakers???motoman222
What is the best Amplyfier brand? pyramid?oblivion2
Bottle-neck effect???motoman223
Need help here!!!!Dude2
Does anybody have clue?dan3
SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Stephen2
One amp to run two S12L5 kickerAnonymous3
JBL GTO 6000 6 channel AMPGLYN DAVIES2
Which mono amp is decent?Anonymous3
Any advice is appreciated on what to get!!Anonymous3
What do you think of VOLFENHAG ampsFyrstrtr6667
SO CONFUSED!! HOok up 2, 12" alpine type Rbdm2
Mono Ampsmotoman224
Pioneer good amp?motoman222
2 DVC 10" Alpine Type-R wired to a Alpine MRD-M500 Mono AmpJacky Wong3
Need suggestions for a low price amp.motoman226
What amp should i get with 2 jl audio 12in w3v2 subs John Smith2
4 Channel into 2 SubsAnonymous6
Is This Possible??????????Shouder7
Pro-Sound Amp help.frankie goodman3
2 Polk GNX 12" | What amp?Anonymous6
Targa Audioteflondog2
Car audio in tha houseFalcon3
Amplifiers, Which is better, please helpcoop3
Help Me on AmpAnonymous3
Need help choosing amplifierloui2
Which amp is best for two MTX 8000s?bdm5
How many channels do i need?nelly25674
Whats better? 1000/1 jl to 2 12 w7s or 1 12 w7?MEXXX2
Hifonics bx1000d amp any goodMEXXX2
Childish slamming of inexpensive brandsMEXXX31
Soundstream rubiconMEXXX3
Sony Explode Amps are awsomejoe frankenstein9
Help me please.... On/off switch wiringShouder3
Quick remote wire questionJosh Powers23
Type r's, bridging, ohms, etc.Anonymous6
I have MTX 81000D puts out about 1200watts. QUESTION one 12" L7 OR ...MEXXX2
12w7 amp choiceMEXXX2
Autotek amps vs Punch ampsMEXXX2
Found: Mint Fosgate Power 650motoman222
2 channel ver.. 4 channel bridgeblemotoman222
Just how good are Alpine Speakers ???motoman222
I need your help please !!!motoman222
Hooking up 2 ampsAnonymous3
How do I test an amp w/ multi-metermotoman222
I need RCA help!!!!!!!!!!MEXXX10
Rockford 1500 BD amp for saleTim Sylvestre3
First Time Setting up my sound system. Hope I could get some helpHarvey Jolly3
Dynamat bdawg6
What amp should i use for My dual 12" Visonics subs?Bdawg2
Got a question about bridging ampsMEXXX2
Home Power Supply for Car AmpMEXXX6
Low input ? High Input? Eh?motoman222
4ohm? 6ohm?motoman222
Alphasonik wire harnessmotoman224
Amp for 2 12"Audiobahn 400W eachMike_280z4
Protection light keeps coming on?Lidyo Gao4
What amp should i use for My dual 12" Visonics subs?DAGAME HAS CHNGED4
New at this, need helpMEXXX14
Wiring a discman directly to a car it possible?MEXXX2
Best Amp Webite NASTY PRICESAnonymous2
I have 15' audiobahn can a boss amp push themMEXXX2
Wireing amp to subs question..ho ho ho Lo dee do8
Are there any 1ohm speakerspeterbroke2
Plz help stop noisemotoman2211
I need help with my ampsBasspro3
US Acoustics amps good or bad?Trevor4
1 ohmThe$Money$Man11
Rockford Subs?The$Money$Man6
Autotek MX-500Jordan3
Factory Radio Remote Wire-hookupAnonymous2
Quick questionAnonymous2
Is the Audiobahn Intake series any good (A8002T) Louisiana11
2000 FOCUS SE Wiring troubles (unknowledged, Please HELP???) Anonymous4
Best input?Matt N.3
Audiovox AXT-550The$Crack$Head6
Info on this ampmotoman222
Speaker level imputmotoman2220
What is 'bridged' output?Anonymous13
Making a box w/ plexiglassmattW6
Car audioIlliteracy is Rampan2
Bridging of JBL P80.4 amp Gade1
Car audiomkw3
2ohm loadHydro2
Is Boss Amps any good??zacdavis3
2 12" PPI subwoofers to 600 watt planet audio ampAnonymouse20
Cheapest Car Audio sitesmotoman223
Help Choosing Audiobahn Amp!!! Please!!!someguy20041
Kicker subs, what amp??Corey1
What amp do i need to push a JBL 10"?Brad2
Sony XM-2165GTXMiamiOp1
Question about alpine subsr-typer12
Can't power up the ampK-dog14
Too much?Richard6
First time with amp..... Fuc*ing illiterate with ampsAnonymous3
5 Channel Amps - Kicker vs Alpinemotoman224
Boss R2200DBOSSlover2
2 or 4 ohm subs?MEXXX20
Alpine n bazookaflash3
Need some help with new systemHydro2
Ways to Keep Rockford amp from shutting off...please read!MEXXX23
Need info on a good wiring kitAnonymous4
I got a questionmotoman222
Setup Recommedationsrosebudd3
Help needed adding sub amp + sub to current setupManny G.6
Do I Need an AMP or am i crazy??????Anonymous5
My JLW3 sounds badrosebudd10
2 kicker L7's what amp?jason bishop4
Eclipse amp 43230, unmatched in sound quality.jason bishop1
Need help from you audio pros!!!zacdavis15
Don't be so quick to judgeHydro5
PLZ HELP! Sony P5 XS-L121P5 12"Richard14
Amp for sale check it out cant get anything better for the money!!!!TikoLX3331
Hifonics or jl audioJG1
Please help with my Amp InstallationWILF6
Battery and Alt. questionszacdavis11
Orion 250 hcca amp & 12inch Alpine Type R subs, Please HelpAnonymous7
Rockford 501bd mono amp/ 12" Type RAnonymous2
Kicker KX1200.1 or JL 1000/1DG24
I need help hooking up two amps an audio pipe and a legacy Anonymous45
Hurry!! I have a question!!Anonymous4
Crackle out of my speakersAnonymous3
Who has the best system?Hydro9
Amp Shuts OffT8
Alpine MRD-M500 produce good bass?Hydro2
Yo looking for a new amp for two 12" kicker L5 solosjason2
Watts going to two subs from one amp?Anonymous2
Can you play from a laptop???Anonymous2
JBL BP600.1Hydro7
Suggestions on what to power my sub with?DAGAMEHAS CHANGED2
Importance of input converter polarityHummer2
Remote wire from amp to the igniton/antenna wire for 2003 Honda Civiclooda1
AW1508T AudioBahn Subs, What amp should I get?Anonymous2
I have a stock cd player and i need to know how to hook up an amp t...Derek Tounsley92
What amp for my solobaric L5 12???timstinson6
What amp should I use? for 10 inch boston rally seriesjr2
Amp connecting help. shone k5
Van Gogh soundstream amplifierSamuel Rondeau6
Cadilac on 22'sMr. Pist2
Sony explode xm 2252hxvance21
Are there any 1ohm speakersmatt williams2
Alpine 3554zacdavis2
What Amp or Amps do you think I should useLeo Brian Walker1
DVC hook up - bridge, or channel per voice coil?ANTHONY HONSBERGER2
Need help installing Stinger CapacitorKustomizer3
Rockford fosgate amps???Eric Kociemba6
Remote for head unitMethodman6
1 ohm loadHydro3
Best amp to push two Solo Baric 15"???????VICTOR PEREZ12
8 guage or 4 please?Methodman4
Help with amp....plz!Anonymous14
Alpine Type R 12" and Rockford 501Bdpimpinthez6
I am real new at this! is this sub compatible with this amp.....Anonymous7
Help w/ head unit subwoofer settings????cur1
How many amps should my altenator have???buck1
Audiobahn HelpJosh G.1
How should i wire my ampTony Wise1
Fosgate amp installzacdavis4
Do's & Donts, when installing car audio.Carl1
3 subs one amp need 2 bridge down ohms may-nee-ak15
Should I get this amp for my subs???may-nee-ak2
FOR SALE a killer MTX system dont miss this deal.TikoLX3331
Best 1ohm amp need 1000Watts. Best and Cheap????? Any for sale????Tiko1
Mark Antony MK 2500X IS THIS A GOOD AMP?????Tiko1
Amp Suggestion for 2 12" Alpine Type R subsT76
Best amp to push 2 ohm monoT57
Phoenix Gold QX500.1jc201
Two 12" and One MTX Thunder 250DAnonymous2
Question need expert opinion PleaseMr. Pist2
Amps comparable to the JL 450/4Anonymous2
How to brige a pioneer 250w amp(2 channel into a) monoLiquidSnakeBlue2
Ppi amp audiobahn 15"s impalla ss adrel ferell1
How do I bridge a 4 channel amp to a dvc?Anonymous6
How to set up a two amp and a capacitor system what kind of dsitrib...sdfafasdf1
Need help with amp installation!!dax150
How many amps?GlassWolf2
JL subs and amp QuestionHydro4
I need help on speakersmanuel1
Remote WireIke Turner20
Hooking up my ampAnonymous6
Amp/Sub WiringAnonymous9
Alphasonik PMA-2050i Amp Wiring DiagramRenodogs89
I would like some advice from motoman22 and hydro on amp selectionGlassWolf5
Factory deckAnonymous1
Created a mess, need helpJohnny Proudidiot3
Kove armeggedon which amp?Mr.T3
Using a 2 channel amp for...nick4
Need Suggestions On new system setupGlassWolf6
New rig Let me know what u thinkHydro3
I need amp adviceHydro2
FUSION Car AudioULM-20042
Are Audiobahn Intake amps any good???GlassWolf5
Who knows the best way to wire my amp???Bubba Luv8
Autotek Mx-5000 is this amp a good 1Michael Mesa3
Is this a god amp for my speakersasd1
Is this digital audio amp goodasd1
Is The Kicker KX600.4 a Good AmpGlassWolf2
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