Ash Hutcherson
Iam in Marines and stationed in Japan so Iam buying my system over the internet (mostly ebay). I bought a Alpine CDA-9813 headunit and 2 12inch Kappa 120.3 dual voice coil subs. Iam wonderding whats a good amp to push these with. I know more money usally means better sound but being in the marines money isnt something I can just throw around. Whats a good mid-range amp I could go with?

i have a sony xploid brand new,1000 watts can sell for 105.00 plus shipping. i can put it up on e-bay for ya

i'd get like a Rockford 800 1000 watt amp for the 12's or anything that is 800 1000watts. make sure the amp has built in cross over and is 2ohm stable also.

I prefer Rockford amp's and speakers
Alpine has nice stuff also
check out thier V12 amps

if u got a low budge u may have to get a off brand amp just make sure it has the above options you should be ok.

I would say go RF.

well for one thing, don't ever get sony xplod. it's complete crap. i think it's pretty messed up that jason mcgrath is trying to sell you a junk amp. think about it; if it were a good amp then why would he sell it, especially for a cheap price?
OK, back to the topic. if you're on a budget, then i highly recommend a jbl amp. they are good quality and are very inexpensive. you don't need that many watts to push those subs because kappas are very responsive and will squeeze a lot of sound with any power you give it. check out the jbl 600 watt amp. it's enough power to set off car alarms.
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