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Alpine SWR-1542DCorey1
Pa system or karaoke system Maja1
Setting subsonic and lofTODD ADCOX1
What is a piece of old school car audio have been hunting?amelia6
Amp for 2 Kicker 10 inch subsRobert1
Need to talk to people who repair amps. Leon Bailey4
Amp shows power only if rca cables are plugged inBandamonium451
Is A Amp worth it?TraceyEvans2
Boom for your buckJessie gerdes1
Opel vectra 2004 Radio CodeBektas1
Amp turns off with car, but immediately turns onJame John3
Amp not workingSlamminSubs1
2 dvc subs to 1 channelStruckAccord1
Need a dependable AGM battery on a budget Sean Gibson1
New install issue with subPatrick1
Car Amplifier Recommendation/Help?Dan2
1 Ohm amplifier + 4 Ohm shallow-mount Subwoofer Martin1
TDA2004 & TDA2005KAKU1
Ercumet hi Ercument Gunduz1
PPI ART Series AmplifiersKris Gagnon1
Choosing an Amp for car speakersSiyonKart1
Good/bad car audio list is dog shxtShane1
Amp and GPS Signal Rick1
Op Amp Audio Filter UseBobby Feri1
Amp to suit speakers and sub?!?!?coopeross1
Type RRobbie1
Do i need to upgrade Alternator?HaliPatrick1
Choosing an Amp for car speakersdanaiveys291
Amp blows inline fuse - pics insideAndre Girard2
Looking for advice. ThanksRonald3
Sub out or rear out Jay1
No power to my ampMichael G.3
Mercedes truck bosch low baseVictor2
Help please Camz1
Radio code Peugeot BoxerStefan Adrian1
Amp sub set upJamie1
Code Error Help!batuhan1
Choosing an Amp for car speakerssai rane1
Need help! amp overheat issue.liwashy2
Car pa system using cb radio and car amplifyerSuper78001
Car Amplifier Recommendation/Help?Sorav Jain2
Recoil redsp???gaarg5
Sub still playing music with volume off??Mike1
Troubles occurred in Car Stereo Amplifier I madeRoy Haines3
Good bad amp list.Pfft1
How underwhelming are cheap amps?foroj2
Help With Kicker Pt250Austin Salup1
Base face sub amp combomike221
Alpine amp adjustment Az1
Need some help? Ed1
Hook in up subDonald1
Wiring 2 AmpsRonnie2
Amp advice help with speakers Ralph1
Amp advice plsRalph2
Need advice on ampIzfrom2053
I messed up??ErkkiT1
Amp Watt 800. Sub RMS 1500? Corrie B1
Pioneer Powered Sub/Amp IssuesKien1
Valfenhag amp Jerry1
Brand new amp not coming on.Amp1
2500 watt amp/2 10 kicker subsEsperanza1
Broken ampBoggled4
USA 1000xBoggled1
Alpine Type-R/Kicker DXJames1
Bose Amp Machine Gun Soundansen1
App doesn't always turn onLudovic1
No power from amp until I plug in rcaChristopher Moore1
Am I crazy?Chris1
Old school Jensen ampKnow1
What amp do i need?bootup1
Help im stuckRyan1
Best way to wire amp to subwooferW551
Speakers cut out when volume too... Low? Brandon1
Subwoofer volumes ramps improperlyDagdag1
Stumped, Need HELP!kurookie1
Baller on a budget iso ampBig joe1
Two type r 15s d4Mr_Chery1
Alternator sizeIke1
Car subwoofer on and offMeck1
Amp for Two (2) JL 12w6v3-D4David2
I have a Hifonics amp and 2 15 inch PowerBass Subs 4 ohm is that am...Lance Buscher1
Would 2 amps suddenly go bad?Josh McQueen1
Iso good amp jesus1
Looking For a Good AmpColby4
Looking for the perfect amplifier Jbl1
Can't find compatable 6x8 speakersBernyMac2
Amp not turning onBernyMac4
Converting car amp to home amp - REM questionCameron Smith1
Car Sub and Amp questioncmos2
4 Loud Noises When I Start CarSnow2
Strange smell yesterday, no sound todayJuan2
Amp blows fuse and protection light comes on Juan2
XTC 8500w Monoblock Generating Squeaky NoiseJuan1
Please helpreece williams1
Kicker s15 l7 d2Pandaklan1
Brand new system shuts off after 20 min Jay2
Adding sub to system with amp for mids,pJeff1
2 15" L7 kicker set to 1 ohm help matching amp_yayo1
JL Audio JX400 vs MRV-F300Sudhan1
How many speaker per channel @ 2Ohm???Chris2
T1500 internal parallelChad Evans1
Amp not working with power and groundTJ1
Helping picking an ampbassman46st4
Remote wireUSMC retired3
Helping picking an ampmkv1
Soundstream RUB1.2500DJoe1
Speakers make sharp popping sound when bass hitsRiver1
Power to Amp but not powerin onHayniac852
4 channel amp to 1 channelStefan1
What kind of battery do i need?YEEZUS11
Problem with amp in aftermarket car stereo system (Potentially prob...Jay1
Need help identifying problem - symptoms listedbassgarden2
New to car audio: how to find great used gear? DJ The Rocket1
2 ampsGary Wilson2
Test tones hz,db,skychild8082
Wiring Panasonic 80w woofer - what's the green wire forminuiano2
Can I hook up my amp wire to the accminuiano2
Help with car amplifier features/specs?Gary Wilson2
New at amps. Please help with 2 channel.Ed Spencer1
Memphis amp used to be loud but now it goes into protection modeBrian1
Bridging amps mike kelly1
Distinct Audio 1500 amp install questionDebbie1
Need some professional advise on my subs and ampDade1
Amp and Sub Compatibility Joshua Hochstuhl1
How to choose the right powerMarcopipolo1
Need help swapped out my old amp with new amp. Worked few seconds n...Ricky Lussier3
4 subs 1 amp not loud Ricky Lussier2
Amp TroubleshootingROGER53
Need help with AMP choiceMike2
Rockford Fosgate p212s8 8 Ohm Car SubsTravis021
Delay getting sound from Subwoofer/ampSirmalcs1
mtx ta91002Zack1
MTX Blue Thunder PRO 50x4Hopecon1
Tuning Rustina1
Need amp specs pleaseBrian Stephens1
Subwoofers not pushing soundSmitty T1
I have a kicker ZX750.1 and need sub recommendationsWhis1
Missing radio code for Nissan Micra K12CRTM-145
Alpine MRP-M350Elpaterico2
Car amp making car run badlyElpaterico1
Amp ruined car systemSmccarthy12311
Help need asapkelvin1
Five channel amp issueed1
L7 speaker wire?jingjiaju1
Amp for L7Sam Jones4
Just had amp installed. Question about the settings.Mr.T2
My amp won't turn on?Richard1
How to protect audio device in car amplifierfaceu1
Amp ProblemBrandon S1
Amp in protection modeDave1
2016 F-150 speaker upgrade factory headNick Trenholm1
Amp Recommendations Please!will sinclair4
Directed amp refurbishDennis2
Blaupunkt 2 Channel amp hooked up with Polk Db651 speakersKarthick1
Hooking power wire to ampJohn1
What amp do I need Phatboi33q1
Amp doesnt turn onHector P.1
??Mark 40 car amp? Watts? Manufaturer? ndagamej1
Amp Recommendations Please! TEASTON1
What amp do i get?daddy2kids5
HERTZ HCPD4kman821
Mosfets burningPieter1
Rockford fosgate p2 sub'sNickel241
Loud Buzz and Whine from RCA inputveeejay1
Just isn't right!David Crutcher1
Power supply?wendell1
Need best 12" to pair w/ extra amp I have. Sparkys Dad1
Powering amp and charging battery in a 1965 vwAndyBass1
My 15in l7 solo kicker keeps shutting offtrickydix20002
Turn on 12v car amplifier with ATX POWER_GOOD?Ben1
How to feed audio signal to car stereo volume controller (LC75421M)...faceu1
Rear speakers suitable with Sony xplod 222w 2ch ampCallmeJJ1
Identification & installation of vintage amp and radio - help pleas...David1
Amp not powering on?Tyler1
Genesis profile two (could be an ultra)Nickeh1
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