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2 questions alternator for aq1200d and amp for componentsmlstrass3
Audiopipe 1500d do rated power????GlassWolf13
Monoblock or 2 channel ampeddieL71
Opinion on chosen amp for 2 RE Audio sex12d4 subsAlex4
What Amp to use ? Chris Mitchell1
I need helping finding the right amp for my 3 12's kickeer cvrMatt12
Need help!roryee3
I have everything jus need bit of help 1st time install...GlassWolf7
More assistance plzJexx5
Question on AudioQue productsmlstrass15
Help with Amp for my MB Quart?Richard4
How can i bridge a Kraco KA-5050 amp?Jexx5
Kraco ka-5050 need install help!!AJ9
Recommend a BatteryGlassWolf4
Overkill? ideas on combo please?GlassWolf4
1000 watt amplifiers up to $350libai6
Recommended amp for l7Matt2
Quik question some experience?Shawn Dooley6
Zx1500.1 3 12" Type R's?Daniel Bonham6
PPI D2000/1 or AQ1200DGlassWolf9
? about this ampGlassWolf3
Sound Quality on a budget?alonzoub1
(HELP) What amps to run these subwoofers???alonzoub2
Kicker 08ZX3504alonzoub2
I need a good 700w @ 2ohm ampBobby McMillen4
What amp for 2 JL 10W1v2-4?Shawn Dooley3
Boss Audio Outlaw Amplifierszeke9
Is this shady? WTFJexx3
Feedback through my highs and subshozer9128411
Do I need a new Alt?jgarrison4
Only 1 pre output but a 4 channel ampGlassWolf2
Best way to do a 1/0 RunGlassWolf4
Alpine MRP-M500 for IDQ12V2.D4John3
Amp producing less and less powerBobby McMillen8
Best Amp for 1 Fi BTL18?GlassWolf5
Re xxx system helpDrizzy3
Gain SettingGlassWolf7
Total Mobile AudioShawn Dooley3
Budget 4-Channel Richard2
RD 1000.1 or AQ 1200Dagos1235
Whats a good amp for 2 10 re audio sx??GlassWolf18
2 JL 500/1v2 or 1 JL 1000/1v2?Joe.34
Recoil red 1000.1 or audiopipe 1500d monoGlassWolf18
POWER ACOUSTIK OVN1-4000D ????GlassWolf7
Jl audio gmax 1800Shawn Dooley3
Soooo confused...Shawn Dooley12
Hifonics brutus brz2400.1d vs rockford fosgate t2500-1bdG. Irv6
DB DriveG. Irv3
Sealed or ported enclosureagos1236
90's Rockford Punch 55.2Kyle1
Could I have gotten better for my money?GlassWolf20
What amp for Fi Q12agos1234
Multiple ampsGlassWolf7
Pioneer GM-5400T for $50?J.W.1
Lookin for Help again..GlassWolf4
Subsonic Filter and general amp setupRichard7
New to this, Need advise on getting an ampGlassWolf9
Is anybody selling a Audioque 2200djoe1
Help wiring amp to new speakers/subs/deckcole3
What amp to go with these 12" memphis?Peter4
Help, got a pioneer gm-x802Sean P6
I need help on a suggestion of ampJarred6
Using amp HPF or headunit sub settingBobby McMillen6
2AB VFL 150.1's for saleJ_Martin2
SNEED wiring helpJ_Martin5
Ok now what do i need to amp my speakers?pedey813
Autotek stealthGlassWolf6
CEA-2006 Compliant?tig O bitties3
US Amp Merlin Opinionstig O bitties3
Help with chosing an ampJ-nick3
Dual 4 ohm subwoofer, what amp?SomeDonnieDude6
Need amp¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤3
1500 rms at 2 ohms or .5 ohms¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤10
Running amp wire under floorGlassWolf2
Cabling for MTX ThunderformGlassWolf2
I need some help please.Shawn Dooley7
2 kicker 12" subwoofers 4 ohmSean P7
650w amp 12" fosgate sub inside speakers cutting out?igtheactt6
Need Some AdviceGlassWolf11
Amp Help!GlassWolf2
Would this be a better alternativetig O bitties8
Does anyone know if this amp is any good?tig O bitties10
Need amp for SSD12tig O bitties4
How to wire AMP & SUB LA3090D legacy 3000w amp with rockwood xr-451...JonnyB13
HELP!! My amp is cutting out as well as my whole systemGlassWolf5
Why aren't my lights dimming?GlassWolf6
Mono VS 2 channel ampmukinfutch9
Remote wire questionGlassWolf3
The JOY of a protect light.GlassWolf8
Newbie with a question about an ampGlassWolf8
Two l7 15sGlassWolf9
Hoe to set gain with DMMGlassWolf2
Help wiring ampGlassWolf3
Need help with figuring out the ohmsGlassWolf7
Need amp for my myx terminator 12 subsGlassWolf3
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