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Amp for 2 Type R's Eric Riffe4
RCA Input Terminals Detachedsean3
Amp for 2 Type R's Chris1
2 Amps 1 SubDj Grizzy1
Amp settingsGlassWolf4
Amp for L5sean3
Sundown audio vs aqsean6
Friend needs helpjohn1
Amp strappingSinful Systems Inc.©2
Amp and amp wiring diagram.brent2
Need AdviceSKD2
Help with channels on ampdubk7771
Bazooka amp good buy?Eric Riffe3
Need some help pleaseChris3
No soundSKD2
This is how i had it zeke1
Need an appropriate most powerful amp for my 12" DVC's.....Please h...Sean P6
Orion hccaJoe1
What amp will i need?Sean P4
Amp/Sub HelpEric1
Best Amp- Alpine F300 vs Hertz Ep4 vs Image Dynamics i4500david wallbauch1
How to wire subalonzoub4
Good amp for sub?Sean P5
Loud Buzz Problem - RCA JacksDon21
Refurbished amp?oscar5
Suggestions please!oscar6
A little help hereSKD2
Is this amp good??Eric Riffe4
Is this amp good enough to power 2 12" rockford fosgate p3's?¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤8
Front Stage Amplifier with SQ goals¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤5
Kicker CVX, what amp?¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤2
Anyone familiar with PPI PC 1800 Chrome Jexx2
Is this amp good??oscar1
FI Q 12judergan6
Budget amp need 1700 to 2000 rms 225- 325Dan3
Possible ground loop?Jon4
High/low-pass filters - should I use the amp switches? bubbahotep1
Amp for FI Btl 15'M.S.5
Setting up amp and 1 sub, first time, questions...kareem5
How to tune my amp to hit the low bass betterPolo11
I need a little bit of help from someoneSKD2
Sundown SAZ-1000Dshopvac17
2 Amps, 3 Days, and still got the same problemMurphey147
Wiring up two amplifers shopvac3
New Crunch amps have old MB quart guts!?Jexx3
Odd situationM.S.4
Torch series by digital audio anyone know anything about them?Eric Riffe4
Eclipse XA1200. RMS Output?alonzoub1
Vintage Precision Power PPI-70Jexx3
Subwoofers keep going quiet, now amp is blowing fuses..?Jaymoung6
Sub + speakers on same amp?Matt4
How can i make this work with my system?Matt5
Honda Accord upgradeJexx3
Pc power supply powering amp?Jexx11
Choosing 1 of 4 amps... Want some help and opinionsAaron10
Final help before purchasing Sean P7
Need Help....2 Kicker l7 15"Matt5
"protect" light staying on amp, please help!Matt1
60Watt 8-Ohm Subwoofers to 4-Ohm ampM.S.2
Using bass boost...?SKD4
Sundown SAZ 2500 not working properlyMatt2
Not using all the channels on an amplifier...Eric Riffe11
Do i need a capacitor?Matt9
Arc Audio KS 1000.1Matt2
Opinion on Hifonics HFi100.2 HFi Series A/B amp?Matt12
Help... computer to amp in carMaximillian Arango1
Amp powersean5
How to Hook speakers to amp. I have 4 6x8 a 1000 watt denon ampMatt9
Want to go monoMatt23
Diamond Audio D9.800.4Eric Riffe4
Buying a amp today please help (glasswolf chime in your opinion wou...Matt7
New speakers need more punchPimp3
Budget amp need 1700 to 2000 rms $225- 325bobby334210
My amp cuts out SKD7
Trying to understand amp ohms.Matt16
HiFonics BXi2010D QuestionMatt3
Boston Acoustics GT-50 amp help.... Abe1
Need a nice used amp.sean10
Audison LRX 1.400 vs Rainbow iPaul DM2000 vs DLS RA 10sean3
Kicker Helpsean5
Crunch 1000.2 2-Channel Ampsean3
Sound ordnancesean3
Speakers thump when doing ANYTHINGsean3
What kind of amp?sean24
Question about sub and car ampsean5
DVC 6ohm configsean4
Are my amplifers set correctly? (HPF and LPF)sean4
STA 120sean3
Sony Xplod Amp Turning Offsean3
Amp for new system?Matt4
Amp? Need to power Mtx Thunder 5000 but dnt know specsCastro1
Amp to power four 18 Sounds mids!!!Carlson1
Selling AB 500.1Daniel Bonham2
Tuning my Audisontravis1
Amp coolingEric Riffe2
Need Help! 2 12' Alpine Type R plus a 15' Mtx Thunder 5000. Recomme...Matt3
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