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HELP WITH WIRINGcory m vazquez5
Amps For 2 Orion HCCA 12.2?cory m vazquez13
Help me bebee arnold1
Alpine KTP-445 Power PackSpencer Greer1
What best way to run two amps to each subSHAUN.G1
Helix vs stegjan tan1
What gauge do i needkc4
Need Recommendation for Ampzack w2
Chaos 12 or fi q 12?ryanrokita1
Forgot the site????ryanrokita2
Alpine pdx 1.1000 help!Domenico Zerilli4
2 amps or 1??Spencer Greer11
Amp compatibility helpSteven Rutherford3
PPI 300.1Steven Rutherford3
ppi 400axmike sand2
Amps Causing Light FlickerJASON NORSWORTHY5
How do i adjust my Kenwood 1800watt mono sub amp?Domenico Zerilli2
Best amp for boston G510-44Domenico Zerilli8
Pdx 1000 gains and filtersDomenico Zerilli1
Alphasonikbolo chin1
Advice on Selling...Subfanatic4
Soundstream 2200d problemShea Sierzega1
Strapping a amp?Subfanatic2
Ohm problem amp is not doing one ohm like it suppose too, only does 4johnny b3
What is the best amp (or amps) for 4 Infinity Kappa and a 12" Kicke...Spencer Greer1
Need some recomendationsNoLimitAutosports2
I switched amps now i have engine noise?Odd Dio11
Need help with picking amp for subsDaniel Bonham9
Ideas for set upDomenico Zerilli4
Hifonics vs. power acoustikDomenico Zerilli7
Kicker 1250.1bangin yo block3
Amp repairwill3
Kicker ZX1000.1......Just Need Better UnderstandingJexx12
RF T1500-1bdJosh Hanchera1
When I run a bass test service airbag is displayed??Jexx4
Amp staying onJexx6
2 Kicker L7 10in, need amp help!sean6
Soundstream vs. alpinecrave420fubar3
Good 4-Channel Amp for component speakersRoyce13
Need Amp Helpbangin yo block4
CRUNCH GPV 2000.1 any good?Odd Dio6
Linking 2 Amplifiers together with only 1 set of RCA Leads from th...Odd Dio2
Question regarding my alpine mrp-f600 please help!crave420fubar2
What relativly cheap amp should I buy? 2x12"alpineType-S'ssean8
Help With Picking Amp for SubsCJ Yam15
Amp speaker equation help <--- car audio noobcrave420fubar2
Need help choosing amp for 2 12'' jl w6v2's d4peter dominguez8
Another What Amp Thread! Single Alpine SWR-1242D Type-R SubShawn Dooley5
JL 500/1 questionShawn Dooley4
2 Kicker L7s need an amp! Just fried my last one :-(...zack w2
320w amp for 3 12's?Chris Anglin1
Va audio amps?zack w1
What AMP will I needjames p2
Power wirelogan3
Where to buy American Bass ampsM.S.37
Does anyone know how overrated hifonics are on there amps?sonic_assault9
Need amp suggestionM. Phil6
Amp for 15 inch alpine type rM. Phil5
LOOKING FOR CROSSFIRE VR1202 hot summer night1
What do I do?????Joshua Dalrymple3
I need some help peoplelogan1
What do I do?????Joshua Dalrymple1
Whats the word on the sae 1200dDomenico Zerilli1
FS: JL 1000/1 & 300/2S. Singh1
Bass remote not workingSam Demler1
Hitron vs. bossOptidriven3
Voltage problemsBrad Kelly6
Old school orion 250hcca or mtx 600xd for 2 type e's?Brad Kelly4
Help JL 1000/1 low ohm light on and makes noises Brad Kelly3
Ed nine.1 or new rd 1000.1zack w4
I need help choosing a ampWayne Hoffman8
Whats the best amp for 2 Alpine Type R DVCNick5
Protect light on SPL Ninja2
What wire kitWayne Hoffman10
Where should I buy my 5 channel amp? (and what one)?Tyler Wilson1
I need a amp for 2 hccasRichard guthrie4
Right amp for my subsFrank9
Help with a Sony Xplod 760w ampOptidriven2
Need Help!!Optidriven3
Ipod to two amps?Kelly Green4
2 aq2200d's or 1 aq3500d??Wayne Hoffman1
Audiobahn 2502 AMP problemMark Iuliano2
Looking for an ampJaime Munoz3
Trying to Sell Memphis 16st-100d...Jaime Munoz2
AQ2200 under rated?Wayne Hoffman8
Are the Eclipse Icepower amps worth looking at?Denis Arsenault1
Alpine v series[...Rovin...]3
Do i need to upgrade my electrical system?[...Rovin...]2
T20001bd + 300amp alt = voltage dropping[...Rovin...]11
Need an amp[...Rovin...]3
Phoenix Gold Xenon-600.1 Car Ampsean2
Rd 1000.1 vs aq 1200sean2
Audiobahn 3201T amp troublemike sand3
Infinity 1300A problemJim Z1
Amp SuggestionsI- Malik3
Audiopipe AP30001 sean16
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