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I'm setting up a new system in my truck. so far I have 4g power and ground wire and my speaker wires have been ran. My speakers I have are a pair of Lanzar Max 12's (new from friend) 4 ohms 1000watts max. And I'm now looking for my amp.

My friends have 2 amps for sale, a Pyramid PB449X and a Kenwood KAC-8104D. I'm not sure about how the power ratings work and I know kenwoods are better. but the pyramid is in my price range. If i could get more, would the kenwood be alot louder than the pyrmaid?

Here is what I found on the details

Kenwood KAC-8104D Class D Mono Power Amplifier

Maximum Power Output: 1000W
RMS Power Output (14.4V ):
300W x 1 at 4ohms (20-200Hz 0.5%THD)
500W x 1 at 2ohms (100Hz 0.8% THD)
Built-in Variable Low-pass Filter: 50-200Hz (24dB/oct)
Built-in Infrasonic Filter: 15/25Hz (18dB/oct)
Bass Boost (0-18 dB at 40 Hz )
Class D Amplifier Circuit
Aluminum Die Cast Heat Sink
Power MOS-FET Switching Power Supply
Speaker Level Input
Signal Sensing Turn-On
2 Ohm Load Capability
Line Output Terminals (RCA) for Extension
Blue Illumination
Gold Plated Power and Speaker Terminal
Dimensions (W x H x D): 11-1/16" x 2-3/8" x 9-7/8" (280mm x 59mm x 238mm)

PB449X 1000 Watt 2 Channel MOSFET Amplifier

Two Channel Bridgeable Amplification
2x500 Watts/1x1000 Watts Output Bridged @ 4 Ohms
Variable Gain Control/Remote Turn On/Off
MOSEFT Pulse Modulation Power Supply
2 Ohm Stereo Stable
Built-in Bass and Treble Control
Gold Plated RCA Low Level Inputs
Hi-Level Low Impedance MOLEX Input
Speaker Output Terminal Strip
S/N Ratio: Greater Than 90dB
THD Less Than 0.04%
Frequency Response: 15-30k Hz
Overload/Thermal/Short Circuit Protection
Power On LED Indicator
LED Diagnostic Condition Indicator
Automotive Type Fuse Protection
Dimensions: 15.25''W x 2.25''H x 10.67''D

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sell the subs start over. dont get any of the amps.

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ok I'll add this. I don't have an unlimited expense here. and have less than 200 to spend. and my options available are in that range

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well your not gonna like what your gonna get for 200 bucks. pop fizzle fizzle is mostly what your gonna hear and get, you would be better to save your money and just get quality equipment. I did the same thing and hated the result. the second time around I saved and shopped around and got some decent entry level stuff. its worth the wait.

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I have an autotek 1500 amp that puts out a true 750 rms at 4 ohms ill sell you for 100 plus shipping its brand new. And two phoenix fold rsd 10's brand new for 100 shipped. A perfect match.

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Those subs shouldn't need more than 250-300w each to do about all they're going to do. You could give them more but I don't think there'd be much to gain.

That Pyramid -- right there with the lowest quality amps available. It's rated for 125w x 2 at 4 ohms so 100w per sub would be a reasonable expectation. For <$50 it might be worth it just for the learning experience, but it is NOT a good amp and really not very well suited for what you need.

Kenwood as a whole is a much better brand, but there have been a LOT of reports on that amp and a few others like it having weak power supplies that are known to fail long before they should. That being said, it would give you a decent amount of power (400-500w at 2 ohms) with 200-250w per sub.

here's a cerwin vega that would be decent -

Phoenix gold - http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_9795_Phoenix+Gold+Ryval+V8001.html

Pioneer - http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_13240_Pioneer+GM-D8400M.html

Refurbished Infinity - http://cgi.ebay.com/INFINITY-1600A-CLASS-D-MONOBLOCK-CAR-AMPLIFIER-AMP-MONO_W0QQ itemZ200334317996QQcmdZViewItemQQptZCar_Amplifiers?hash=item2ea4db19ac&_trksid=p 3286.c0.m14

Another thing to consider -- the greatest amp won't matter if the enclosure for your subs isn't good.

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I would say infinty, I've had my amp for about 3 years no problem and for the price you get very good power, you got to remember when it come to sound the lowest price sometime have the weakest sound quality, with infi you sound great for a low price and they stay behind there stuff really good

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http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_9795_Phoenix+Gold+Ryval+V8001.html Im currently using this amp right now,i gotta say for the money u cant go wrong.

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Optidriven... thanks for the info. come into a little extra coin and went for the phoenix gold from sonicelectronix.com. a nice selection there
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