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I need to know if any of these amps are good..GlassWolf18
Are any of these amps good?GlassWolf6
Should i get a capacitorsteve9
Amp cuts out at high volumeGlassWolf11
4-channel amp for componentssteve9
Help on Choosing the best AMP!steve9
Bought bigger subs now inline fuse to battery is blowing.any help???Shawn Dooley17
Amplifier help!!Shea Burleson14
I don't know what is wrong!!!!!!!GlassWolf11
Is this amp to powerful for my subsShawn Dooley4
What size of a cap should I be using?Shawn Dooley5
Power wire for 98 PassatNolan Paul3
What rms can I run on a 90V alternator safely?GlassWolf4
Best Amp for 2 MTX MXS1204 SubwoofersRex Leniczek1
Wire for old Amp pioneer GM 120 helpDuy1
Sound.. but no vocals!?Mark Requena2
Audiobahn helpShawn Dooley11
Rockford Punch 100ix dsmjohnny b6
Power to amp but no sound from subsBlade4
Fuse in power line blows immediatelyBlade4
Help Picking Amp..Matt7
What are good 6.5" door component speakers but for a decent price?sean5
Recommend me an amp pleasesean4
Problem, please helpShawn Dooley4
American Bass For Salesean1
Amp problemscherokee6
YOU WERE RIGHT !!!!!!sean2
PPI pc1800 Chrome Power Older Model Amplifiertroy5
Connection of amplifierNeftaly1
Alpine pdx 1000.1, or Eclipse za1200??Eddy7
Accurate gain setting not loudTaylor1
How do I install a second amp for highs with only 1 preamp output? ...Shawn Dooley2
MB Quart DSC-4125 any good?cwruck2
Eclipse amplifierLoganSF4
3ohms through a 1 ohm stable amp?M.S.15
US ACOUSTICS USA4080 by: Zed AudioZen Reyna1
Brutus Bxi1610d output problemsa diaz3
THE BIG 3Dkeezy2
Hifonics amps good or badM.S.10
I need a amp to power my new solo x 18!!!!chris3
Best ground for BIG 3 upgrade?Snow10
New Amps on the MarketFord2
Rd Audio 7500.1Ford4
Quick Simple questionFord8
Help with setting my sub upFord8
Amp for 2 12" and 2 10" Kicker l7Ford4
Is the dual XPA4640 a good amp?!Ford3
DSC2000.1d or BXI2010d?Ford2
PHOENIX GOLD V1502 any good?Ford2
Need some major help here with fixing my ampJames Longo4
RD D9RidnClean1
Help with amp selectionzeke6
Amp Needed Joseph Kubiak4
Time for my audio upgrade.sean10
Amp help and suggestionssean5
What is your favorite amp?sean24
Pyle PLA2210 ampsean4
What is the best amp for 4 tens voice speakersShawn Dooley2
850.2 kicker need help wiring to 1 dvc 2ohm 12" pls!Kalzone5
Looking To Buy Aq 1200 watt amp A.S.A.P.tig O bitties3
Wiring problem!andy4
Charging capacitorKhushbu Malik2
Best amp to power RD alpha?I- Malik2
Help, amp setup problemsOpliger9783
AQ 2200DShawn Dooley3
Another RCA ? its shortSmith2
ATaurus with no RCA's in radioSmith2
Need help on amp choicezeke5
Quality amps for price?Shawn Dooley4
Amp SensitivityKen Dryden5
Setup optionsbunn2
Hi everyone, anyone down for tradesean2
Amp SensitivityKen Dryden1
Wires going into amp.zeke3
Good amp to go with these subs?Shawn Dooley4
Good amp to go with these subs?Will1
Speaker Noise MysteryGogetit2
Subwoofers are Barely Hitting, and not very loud.Gogetit2
MTX TNE212D Dual Loaded Subwoofer Enclosure RD1
Loud buzzing amp!!!!bassaholic5
What amp should i go with?James Longo2
Amp and subsJames Longo2
Need help with kenwood amp problemlibai6
Quiet SubwoofersDerik1
Bebebetiandemezacode for bose car audiosebas1
Funny Noise's from subs, is amp blown?Kyle1
Lights dimingcody1220
MTX light stays on, no green light...NfiniteNaledge2
US AMP protect l.e.d.KevinC8
Identify this AmplifierJoRdOn1
Extra car batterypicklemeat2
Need quick advice!Varun Mukerji14
Car Amp RepairShawn Dooley2
What Amp should I buy?picklemeat13
Which gauge wire to use??picklemeat3
Battery in trunk. conect amp to it and just splice singal from rear...picklemeat6
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