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I dont understand the ohm + how many wattsSKD5
Help with buying amp for 12" Fi BlCRETE107
New mono amp not as loud as hifonics amp?El-Camino10
2 ohm amps?El-Camino3
Amp issue?El-Camino10
Amp overpowering subwoofer?El-Camino6
Problem with Ampsomeskateboarder10
HO alternator needed?El-Camino11
Amp for P3D210shopvac8
Diamond, DLS, or AudisonEl-Camino8
How many watts do i need?alonzoub13
New frontstageEl-Camino2
New frontstagejake papa4
Setting gainKenny2
Is my amp dead? Jexx10
Need Help tuning, New Amp and Subsean11
Can't find the amps I want to buysean7
What kind of amp should i get for my type r subs?sean11
Power acoustik bamf 5500d vs audiopipe 1800 1 d vs soundstream pac ...bobby33426
Termlab numbers with audiopipe 1500 1 an 1800 1 d?bobby33423
Amp turns on only when i mess with the a/c controls??? plz help?!rockford guy20
Rockford Power hx2 12D2 what amp to use?????Matt7
Please respond with any infosteve7
Sony 1000 watt 4ohm amp to a legacy 12 duel voice coil sub how can ...SKD3
Amp questionMatt2
Amp for Xconscwruck6
Ways an amp can blowYungNDumb5
Cadence a7hcCanaan2
Dual BP1204, amp helpM.S.5
Best amp for Polk db6501 6 1/2's 200w rms a pairM.S.11
Crunch 1000.2 2-Channel AmpMatt7
Powerbass subs which amp?Matt27
Need amp that puts out 1200rms to 15 rms at 4ohmbobby33424
AMP CHOICE!!!!!!!Matt4
How many watts am I getting?S.L.A.B.8
Need ampThe_boss1
Amp Suggestion for Orion 12" HCCAThe_boss19
Kicker sx900.4 on subs & speakersS.L.A.B.3
Kenwood KFC-W011's ( 2 ) and a Kenwood 1800W Mono Amp?Matt2
Amp suggestionJexx3
Kicker zx750.1 pushing JL 10w3v2 4ohm? Advice please?Matt4
Wiring a duel voice coil sub to a 1000 watt sony xplode 2 channel ampJexx13
Amp wont turn on everything is connected properly.Zac Davis17
Boston GT24 Reviewylkien1
Amp suggestionJexx12
Need new amp?Shawn Dooley4
I need an amp choice!!!!GlassWolf33
Cadence Daytona DCA-2500Matt10
Amp suggest for 2 12 re se(i already own aq1200d)bobby33423
Help choosing an ampsean13
How to power my amp in my house?GlassWolf6
Best amp for my re se 12sean3
Opinions on AQ 1200dsean51
What amp can push L7's?GlassWolf11
Kenwood KAC 7204 - Red Triangle LED on - Sub Not workingGlassWolf11
TaylorMade r7 CGB Max Driverwen1
Refurbished amp!Matt7
How to Choose a Car Stereo AmplifierGlassWolf4
Ohm load and gain settingBobby McMillen7
Dial crossover....that i need exact (winISD)GlassWolf6
Memphis 16-St1000d and 16-1000d?GlassWolf4
Hey GlasswolfGlassWolf4
Benefits of Amping speakersGlassWolf4
How many watts should I have? (for 2 subs)JA7
SubsShawn Dooley2
Please help with amp settings for subsGlassWolf2
Upgrades to car for SAZ-1000D, help required.GlassWolf10
Am helpShawn Dooley5
Kicker l7 10 inchdan3
I need help!!!!GlassWolf5
Amp turns off when turning volume up?GlassWolf6
How to cool down Amplifier in trunk ?GlassWolf9
2600 brutus ampGlassWolf2
Amp problemGlassWolf2
Used amp questions...GlassWolf11
Kicker amp questionJack Death6
MTX X Thunder 600XD for Infinity reference 1262wcrakka151
Can I run one amp from rear RCAs and another from rear speaker outp...Orangejbird9
600w rms 4 ch ampGlassWolf2
Gain settings on 4 channel amp question.GlassWolf2
Rodek ra280evince mirabelli3
Eclipse XA1000 Needs Repairtig O bitties7
HIFONICS BRUTUS BXi2010D 2000W or rd audio 1000.1?tig O bitties2
What To Do...GlassWolf2
Question about adding a high output alt.GlassWolf6
Looking for a good amplifier for an RE MX 18 any sugestions?ben king1
Single alpine type r 12" 4 ohm could i wire it with oldschool alpin...GlassWolf3
Couple Things for Sale. Hope this location is okJ_Martin1
Amp installation question for aq1200dmlstrass5
Amp pops and makes noise.Bobby McMillen9
Contemplating boss NX1800.1 pushing 1 type r 12" SWR-1242DJmcaninch9
Need some subsGlassWolf6
Top of the line for under $500GlassWolf9
Monoblock or 2 channel ampGlassWolf4
Need help with configuring a Power Acoustik Amp (3000 watt)GlassWolf2
Need ampGlassWolf2
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