Help with Kicker ZR360 info....


Jason J
Ok, I just found this site and thought you guys may be able to help me out. I have a kicker zr360, but I dont really know the specs on it. With most of the new subs being duel voice coil, i need to know if i should get a sub with duel 2ohms voice coils or a sub with duel 4ohm voice coils? Is the zr360 stable running one channel at 2ohms? and does anyone know what power it would push? I know its a lot of questions but any help would be great! Thanks.

Ive got a Kicker ZR360 pushing 1 Kicker Solobaric 12L7 in a ported box. The sub is a Dual VC at 4Ohms and I've got it ran into a two ohm lead bridging the amp. You have got to tweak it a little or just hook it up and take it to a car installer and let them play with it to get it tuned right. My head unit is an Alpine something, but they told me with it having all the internal amps it had to be tweaked. It sounds ok, but right now I'm looking for another amp. OH, the spec sheet that came with mine says it pushes 579W at 2ohms.
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