Boss R2200D


Hey u guys I have been a big hater of Boss amps but I never really owned one so I went to a car audio store and purchased the Boss R2200D for like retail 250 but I talked him down to 170 and I put it in my car to power my 2 JLW3's and all I have to say is holy sh*it that amp really surprised me I had ordered a Kicker 800.2 2 channel amp but it was out of stock so I needed a quick fix so I got the Boss amp and Im not even gonna get the Kicker amp ne more thats how much I like it.Im gonna out 2 more Jlw3's in my car and I know Ill have the loudest car in my city easily the 2 JL's right now make my heart bump against my rib cage and my girlfriend had to get out of the car cuz it was hurting her ear drums so badly.So I give this amp a 10

You got ripped off buddy. You can pick up the R3000D for the same price.
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