Does the number of channels a amp has matter?


evilbass master
does the number of channels a amp has matter in the quality of the amp. or in the amount of power it will push to the subs. i have tow 700 max watts 15" pyrmaid subs and look for the right amp to push them.

Matt N.
Yes and No....I'll explain

First of all you should probably be looking at the speakers RMS rating, not the the max rating. The reason for this is because the max ratings are often mis-leading as to the speakers ability to reproduce sound accurately.

I am assuming your speakers are 4 ohm. Now if you wanted to wire them parallel to a 2 ohm load the a good class D sub amp that has one dedicated channel capable of 2 ohm stability would be a good option. Several manufactures make amplifiers that are capable of just this. Shop around and see which one sounds best to you or fits you budget.

Another way is to get a 2 or 4 channel amp and either power each sub from each channel (ie. with a 2 channel amp) or bridge the 4 channels to 2 channels for more power to each sub. I Think bridging channels might have a side effect of causing higher harmonic distortion, but don't quote me on that :). Someone else may be able to clear that one up for you.

At any rate, you a few options in front of you to choose from. Good Luck.
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