What amp for my solobaric L5 12???


I have a solobaric L5 12 dual 2 ohm in a sealed box, and i need an amp for it , i was thinking about an audiobahn A8002T, a boss r1400d, or a boss r2200d.

which amp should i get for the sub, also should i put the sub in a vented box???

one more thing, my friend has 2 10" audiobahn 300 watt subs dual 4 ohm , what amp should he get???

Well u gonna need a amp thats 1 ohm stable if ur plannin on wiring it in parallel I know that both boss amps are 1 ohm stable but I dont think the Audiobahn is I would definitely say the Audiobahn for ur friend though.It beats the Boss amps in every category.Use a sealed box If u mostly listen to Rock and pop and stuff like that but use a vented box If u mostly listen to Rap and R&B.

the audiobahn amp can be bridged to 4 ohms and it says it has 800 watts rms at that, but will it really get that???

will it do for the solobaric L5 12 w/ dual 2 ohm coils?

the amp is in audiobahn's intake seris (a8002t)

also are SPL amps and subs any good?

Ok its 800 watts @ 4 ohms ur sub is dual 2 ohm so u would have to wire that sub in series to achieve a 4 ohm load but I think even then it wont work right cuz Im not sure but I dont think u can bridge 1 dual sub if it is wired in series someone correct me If Im wrong

jordan,your right. series will work, i think it will sound just fine, lsu, hydro is right on, if you want good sq traditionally you would use sealed. but more import i think you should look at what kicker rec. for that sub, i think they're designed for a ported box. good luck,later

ps kickersucks

(sorry, i'm bias, teamkicker cheated at my last local event and now i'm just venting on them, i don't really think they suck i just always have to throw my two cents in everytime the word kicker is mentioned,haha)

just blown 2 12 L5 with 1500d from mtx. It hit hard for weeks but couldn't handle the power.
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