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Is it alright to use an amp that has a higher rms then the subs? (for example the subs that i want to get rms at 400 and peek at 800 but the amp i want to get rms at 500) is that ok?

i think so but im not too sure, someone else should know

Yeah, as long as you don't turn it up too loud.

yeah, that will work fine....just dont turn the gain on your amp all the way up. even if you do, 500 rms shouldn't blow a 400 rms sub unless you are runnin'm hard for a LONG period of time

Bass Thrust
It should be no problem. The common misconception is that a sub rated at xxxx watts should not be powered by an amp with an rms power rating of more than xxxx. This is not true. Most subs blow because the amp is too weak, and goes to distortion which damages the voice coil. you can never have too much power. like the post before this one, just turn the gain down on your amp. your subs will play all day without a problem.
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