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Hey, im new to hooking up amps and what not, and my stuff is kinda old, but never used... i have a rockford fosgate punch 100 ix dsm amp (thats what it says on the amp, i no nothing else beside that) and a rockford fosgate punch 15 inch speakers... i have 2 of those but i think i only want to install one... can someone please tell me how to install it to my stereo?

Robby D.

Matt N.
hey Rob,

Looks like others won't so I will....

first of all, you will need to determine where you want to place the amp in the vehicle. Try to make it a place where it won't have to be moved alot and where it has a decent amount of airspace around it to dissipate the heat well. A good place is in the trunk near the speaker (assuming you have a trunk - not sure if its a car, truck, or otherwise).

Next you will need to run a good power wire from the battery to the amp. Make sure that you put an inline fuse on this wire, just in case the wire should short to the body of the car. Also make sure that your wire is heavy duty enough for the amperage. Those older Punch amps are decent and may require a bit of current. I wouldn't use any smaller that 12 gauge for the power and ground wires. 8 gauge would be better, incase you want to upgrade the amp later.

The ground wire should be the same guage as the power and this should be connected to a part of the cars body. Make sure to scrape the paint away from the part of the body to make a good contact area.

The remote wire is just to make sure the amp isn't on when the ignition is off. It "looks" for a 12 volt input. This wire can be connected to the power wire of you stereo (stock or aftermarket?) or the accessory wire of the ignition system.

Lastly is the signal to the amp. Your either going to connect a set of patch cables from your head unit to the amps input jacks - OR - if your amp has a speaker level input, you could connect wires from possibly your rear speakers to this special input

The 15 should have its own enclosure so maximize the effect of the bass frequency. Now, depending on the type of music you like, three basic types of enclosures: Sealed, vented, and bandpass. Try to do a little research on the internet as to what kind of an enclosure you will want.
wiring the speaker(s) is realativley easy. if your running two then you can either run stereo bass (not my first option) by wiring the + and -terminals of the speaker to the the + and - teminals of the amp. Try and keep the load even on the amp.

If your running one speaker, then try bridging the amp if it is capable of it.

Let me know how it goes and if you need any more advice.

How do you wire a 4 channel amp?

the power wiring is the same as above. If the amp is bridgable all you need to do is wire the negatives to the positives of the amp and the speakers together (one each) if you have a subwoofer you would like to put left and right channels through (bridging two channels) just wire both channels to the subwoofer.

boys with bridging youve got to connect the speaker negative to the right channel positive and the speaker positive to the left negative
right ch1
+ sp-

- sp+
left ch2
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