Rockford fosgate amps???


I have a visonik bandpass box with two 10's that are rated at 250 watts rms each and 500 watts peak. I know I want to get rf amps but I've noticed that they have a different rating style. for instance I would like to get a 700 watt amp. but the 700 watt amp in rockford fosgate says 700 watts rms and on the top of the amp it gives a much higher #. the amp I'm lookin at is a 700x punch rf (of course) amp. is 700 the max power of the amp of is it really what the continous output of the amp is??? also if this is true should I worry about this amp destroying my subs if I turn the volume too high?? please help!

You should go with either a RF 501s or 501s. They would give each sub 250wrms to each sub.

oh yeah the subs are 4 ohm impedence so they wouldn't be handling that 250 watts for each.... only 125 watts. and I would prefer to have a little more than that. thanks though.

vince w
Many companys have entry level stuff.I am pretty
sure thats what u are looking at with this amp.
I think they are rating this high amount of watts
off of HEAD ROOM.Head room is a name for peak watts.Nothing that would make me go out an buy an
amp.When ever u buy an amp it should rate RMS watt at 12.6 volts most companys do this at 14.4
volts,13.6 is close to what fosgates rates it.
All the amps i have bought from fosgate had a
this paper in the box with actual specs
for that amp.

ok so what yall are saying is that on the 700x model I'm lookin at the 350 watt times 2 rms power is rated at 13.6 volts. therefore I should expect a little less than that rms... vince you seem to know your stuff, so which amp would you recommend I get for my setup(if not the 700x)? and if I do get the 700x could it hurt my subs by overpowering them? and I do have a 1 farad capacitor as well if its needed.

i have 2 12" power acoustik sub that have 1800 watt peak and 700 watt rms and i need to find an amp that can run one or both? all the amps i have found are like 250 watt rms were can i find more powerful amps?
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