How many channels do i need?


Hi, I'm planning on getting a set of alpine type r component speakers, 6.75 inches. also i think im getting some "bass shakers", which i guess you hook up just as if they were subwoofers. I need to know what kind of amp to get if i want to drive these speakers. Also, should i amplify my pioneer 6x9's? they are rated at 220 watts, but thats max power, i think RMS is considerably lower, maybe 50 watts. My deck is a 50x4 watts pioneer. thanks a lot.

The 50x4 pioneer deck is grossly overrated, don't take it personally because all head units do this crap. There's no way that the head unit truly produces 200w of clean power...but it's plenty to get really loud.

I wouldn't bother amplifying the 6x9's until you notice that you are turning the volume up beyond halfway. Power doesn't typically destroy speakers, distortion does and trying to push them to high levels without additional power can produce enough distortion to hurt the drivers.

not too sure about the Aura bass shakers, I don't think they need much power but the Type R components sure can handle it. On the plus side, those components are very efficient so they don't need much power to scream. You'd probably be happy with a solid 50x4 amp that really makes 50x4 to drive the 6x9's and the bass shakers...but I'd hammer those Type R components with a whole lot more.

If you add power, make sure your crossover need is dealt with somehow.

hey motoman, about the crossover. I dont even have one of those, do i need one? i mean all my amps have high and low pass filters (which i dont have turned on) and my deck is pretty good about all that stuff...its a pioneer premier deh-p730. what do you think? what type would i need? i dont know anything about them. thanks for your help.

if anyone knows, will this crossover work out for me?

Im still running a pioneer deh-p730 head unit, 2 alpine mrv-t757's to 2 type r's, and a smaller alpine amp to a set of type r component speakers. and then pioneer 6x9s run off my deck. Thank you.
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