Amp cuts out ??????


I recently installed a new amp into my explorer and whenever I turn the volume above a certain level the sub hits random notes or totally cuts out and the protect light comes on. I felt it and it doesn't feel like it is overheating. I tried a capacitor and that seemed to make it louder and a little more consistant but it still cuts out. Any suggestions? Could I be having a problem with my grounding? The amp is located under the passanger seat. I drilled a hole near it, scraped the paint off, and used a screw to connect it.

I hope the scraped paint isn't your only negative wire...

Anyway, it sounds like the impedence of the woofer is too low for the amp because you are not blowing fuses, heating wires or overheating. If you sub has two voicecoils or two woofers try connecting them in series instead of parallel (just for testing). The sub will be quieter but the impedence will quadruple (from say, 2 ohm to 8 ohms for two 4 ohm voicecoils).

If the sub keeps playing then that's the problem. You will have to replace the amp, the sub or not play your system as loud.

Hope this helps...
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