Kenwood KAC7201 dilemma


Brian Garcia
Wow, teflon, my situation just went critical. My amp can only run the left channel when switched to mono. Can both coils handle stereo input wiring as you suggested? The only other thing I could think of is wiring both coils to the left channel for a total of 8 ohms. Man, I'm hurting.

Thanks again for helping with previous issues teflon

if your sub has dual voice coils then use the amp in stereo and hook each channel of the amp to each voice coil. it's a common practice and will not hurt your sub as long as it can handle the power. just keep the gain low and slowly raise it until you're satisfied with the sound. if it starts sounding distorted, turn the gain down a notch.

wiring it the way i just described will not alter the impedence of the speaker. if you hook each amp channel to each voice coil in stereo mode, the sub will remain at 4 ohms which is perfect for your amp since it is stable down to 4 ohms. oh yeah, don't forget to break in that sub. play it at modest volume for several hours before you crank it, otherwise you could blow it out.

Brian Garcia
what method of gain adjustment do you recommend?

brian Garcia
oh, and, u da man!!!

i would start out by turning the gain up 50% (halfway). for every 3 hours of music listening, turn it up a notch. repeat this until the sub sounds like it is pounding hard and getting sufficient power (you never want to turn the gain to the max). usually the sub reaches its full potential when the gain is between 75%-90%. thanks brian. it's good to know that i'm helping someone out. i wish there was a website like this when i first got into car audio (11 years ago). it would have saved me the pain of trial and error. if there's ever anything you need help with, just post it up and i'll answer it a.s.a.p. i try to check the site at least once a day.
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