i have a 500/1 jl amp, im runnin it with my 12w4 it was loud rattle my car but it doesnt have the nice bass, its just a quick beat bass, i want the slow traveling bass. so i sold it. and im planning to get ppi pcx2200 and a 15' 9115 eclipse titanium subwoofer. what do you think? what would u recmmomend for slow traveling bass?

Jennifer, the amp and sub you had were awesome equipment...more than capable of the sound you are looking for.

I think the problem was either the box (wrong size/design) or the wiring (wrong signal going to the sub.)

Talk to your installer and explain what sound you are looking for. He/she should be able to build the correct enclosure to get the sound you want in your car with your equipment.

by the way, the PPI and Eclipse sub will work well too...very well.

no offense "jennifer" but why the hell are you posting under that name? i know you're really tony. why the hell would you ask the same exact question under two different names? at least try to change the question a little bit so you're not caught. well tony, i'm guessing that you posted under jennifer because you assumed that we car audio experts only help girls right?

lol. you just made me notice that priest. good eye. i was just reading the jl audio w7 thread when i realized that a guy named tony had the exact dilemma as "jennifer". he had the jl 500/1 and a w4 sub and was looking for slow bass rather than quick beats. well, in either case it's not the amp that's not producing the slow bass; it's the box. sealed boxes are meant for acurate short bursts of bass while a ported or bandpass box would allow for that deep slow bass.
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