Rockford Fosgate 700s


I just purchased a rockford fosgate amp for my subs. I decided to connect it in bridge mode, so i can get more power out of it. The amp has two gain buttons, one for the left speaker and one for the right. I heard if these are not set exactly the same, it will sound bad. Is this true? how would i go about getting the gain set the same? Thanks, Jon

Im getting the same amp- does 700 watts bridged mode put 700 watts to each sub or 350 to each

It's not NECESSARY to set your gains the same, but if you don't you may expirience problems in efficiency, and SPL. For your uses, I would turn the volume down, and fade to rear speakers (or as close as you can get) so they are the only ones playing. Put on some music with a lot of 'different' kinds of bass, and adjust by ear. There are ways to get it exact, but that would require doing each speaker separately while measureing the sound pressure levels with a dB meter. This would be a buttload of work to say the least.
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