5 Channel Amps - Kicker vs Alpine


I'm trying to figure out what a good 5 channel amp would be to buy. I'm looking at these guys here :

Kicker KX700.5
Alpine MRV-F450
SoundStream Van Gogh VGA800.5

I have 4 50W RMS 6.5" speakers (Sony / Pioneer). Haven't got a sub yet. I think that the SoundStream might be pushing my wallet a bit and was wondering if there is much difference between the Kicker and the Alpine. Any thoughts?

Much appreciated!

Neither company makes junk, you probably can't go wrong.

I'd seriously consider getting a 4-ch amp for now and picking up a mono amp for your sub(s) later. You'll probably save money in the long run because that 5th channel will not impress you on a moderate sub.

I'd suggest Alpine for the amp running mids and highs because of their clarity..

I've heard good things about Sinphony amps, Teflondog sure does like them and he knows his stuff...

You're dead right. I went into Best Buy to listen to a subwoofer being powered by 200W and it just didn't cut it. I think I might just get a 2 channel amp and leave the other speakers for the moment.


Mike, consider a Class D amp for the subs. Class D is a subwoofer only amp...their clarity blows but you can't tell on subwoofers.

I suggest them because they are less expensive, more powerful, more stable, and able to take very low loads without blowing up.

Alpine makes them, so do most manufacturers; just don't try to use a Class D amp on anything but subwoofers or you will kick yourself.
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