Don't be so quick to judge


W7 vs. 9500, apline vs. kenwood, and many other "which is better" questions, they may all start with good intentions but it seems as though these discussions quickly turn into a pissing match.
"My subs are better than yours", "I heard this amp and that one sucked", and so on. We've all read them. Most of you reading this know exactly what i'm talking about, moto, hydro, trstmeimnprsn, mr. pist, and many others, we try to tell someone what may sound better, how to fix thier system, what components suit thier needs most, or maybe even just a good ol opinion now and then, but there is always some jackass waiting for thier moment to dis a product or someone's point of view.
Well to all of you who think they know everything, realize this, you may have heard something sound "better" or "louder" and read certain power ratings and specs, this may be relavent to how it performs, but IT IS NOT always a concrete way to compare products.
All vehicles are built differently, they're diff. sizes, thier resonate frequency differ from one another, and so on, so think about that when you compare one system, sub, deck, amp, ect., to another when they are in different vehicles.
In other words, acoustical equipment's peak performance is relative to it's environment.
In addition, how the product is installed is crucial, the box size, the physical placement, tuning, and what other components are connected to it.(a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link) Many of us have done our research and truely know what x-max is, or why a Fs is important, or why a high damp. factor is good, ect., but the rest of us, well...we know what sounds good because..... we've LISTENED to it!!!, (and in an environment that suit's that product..., intalled with other components that compliment it..., and rate it without bias)
So, don't be so quick to judge, a product. I used to do that and found myself with my foot im my mouth. i don't know everything, but I take time to listen, to the music, and people.
thanks everyone reading and writing in this and other forums on car audio, where comsumers and critics meet, no matter what you write, we keep car audio alive and interesting, and yes, even you yomomazmybitch. later

Well said Zac

hey hydro, do know anyone who has any old ppi or soundsteam amps, i collect them, working or not.

hydro,in florida?U.S.Amps,mmats,u know of any used ones
i'll buy those too.

Zac Ill have to check into that and see what I can find theres a audio shop called HI-Joes they might have ppi and soundstream amps there cuz I know they have old RF amps and subs.
Yea I live In Florida near Orlando
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