Home Power Supply for Car Amp


I am borowing my friends amp and 2 12" subwoofers and I need to be able to hook them up to wall outlet. The subs are pioneer 600w each, and it is a Kenwood KAC-929 1000w amp. His setup is good cause he has used it in his car, I just need help with the power supply. What can I do to plug this in?

some audio shops sell ac dc converters so you could play car systems in your house.

the power supply you need to power a 1000-w amp is going to cost you a bunch of dough. Just make sure the power supply you purchase is 'HIGHLY REGULATED' and is rated to produce at least the current demanded by your amp at RMS power.

You'll be cheaper off buying a powered home subwoofer...

Get a deep cycle battery and a charger. Then let the battery charge when you aren't listening to the system.

i have a power supplie. car amp, and a woofer but i dont know how to connect the amp wit it if any 1 can mail me at this add it wuold be very helpfull

connect it the same way you do in a car excecpt use a wire connected to the + with a switch for the remote wire.
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