Who has the best system?


I wanna here what some of you guys got

I got 4 JL12W7's in my truck and each one is ran off a JL1000/1 amp with 2 200 amp alternators

boston acoustics pro series components up front in custom fiberglass door enclosures, 2 boston 8 inch pro series subs serving as mid bass in both of the quad cab doors of my f-150 in custom fiberglass sealed enclosures set with a hp at about 70 hz. rear mid bass 8's pull 200 rms apiece(at 2 ohms each)and components pull 120 watts rms each from my 4 channel fosgate 800 a4. two 12" JL w7's pushed each with a JL 500/1 amp. Each amp gets a lightning audio digitop cap pulled through 120 amp fused dual 4 awg from an optima yellow top batt. charged with a 200 amp alt. RCA's pulled from a nice pioneer head through an audio control digital dsp to eq all sound and an audio control matrix line driver to ensure every amp gets a solid 6 volt pre-out, amps are all adjusted just below clipping at max volume well away from noise floor. Back bench seat is raised 4" and box is custom made to fit clean under the seat and takes up another third of the seating area behing the drivers side seat, so I can still seat two in the back. System has the cleanest highs and mids I have heard any where. All response tuned to comp. specs(+-3db every 1/3 octave) and all sound is seamless from bass, to mid bass, to the components. Im sure alot of you have harder hitting bass, so understand Im not claiming the hardest hitting system on the site, but its one of the cleanest I've ever heard without investing into mcintosh, dyn audio, focal, etc.

Big Tyme
I got the best thump.You better ask somebody.

hey bigtyme, did u mean 3 18's cause i can't imagine 30 in a geo metro!

Big Tyme
That is why I am big tyme.I got that 30 pack for

Bobby Boucher
My momma said that rock and roll is the devil

ok, i'm not calling u a liar but, could you specify how you fit them in a geo, they must be isobaric, but even then just doin the measurements in my head it still doesn't fit, is your car stretched or what, cause i think maybe you're full of sh!t, if not though, convince us.

Hey Zac,derek I.,motoman,rosebudd,and teflondog I thought u guys might be interested in these amps http://www.trutechnology.com/main.htm I dont think JL has anything on these bad boys
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