How to run a power lead from the batt. to the amp


I'm trying to find the best way to run a power wire from the battery to my amp in a Volkswagen Jetta.

Use an amp installation kit. It will include a large positive (red) wire and a slightly smaller negative (black) wire and sometimes a turn-on (yellow or blue) wire. It the amp is small, use an accessory point under the dash. Just make sure the amp draws less amperage that the accessory point provides. The turn-on wire goes to you head unit. Most amps will not turn on until they receive 12 volts from (presumably) the head unit. If you have the VW radio, you have that lead.

If it's a large amp, go directly to the battery but be sure to fuse it at the battery in case there is a short.

Hope this helps.

i'm looking to get a 1600 watt max amp 2 800 watt max subs. i have a cigargette lighter in the back right next to where the amp will be. will the ciigarette lighter provide enough power to the amp or do i need a second power supply? anyone that has any kind of installation advice please let me know!

NO! The cigarette lighter has a thick cable but not that thick. It may actually work but it will get hot and you wont even know it.

Do with the amp installation kit of at least get som 8 gauge wire.

I have a Kenwood 4x40 Watt running my speakers and casually added a Sony 720 Watt (bridged) amp for a sub and everything was fine. Then one day I was playing I think Limp Bizkit - I did it for the Nookie or Mariah Carie - Break Down LOUD. Like blur your vision loud. I heard a stumble, a little spit of music then silence, but the head unit was still on. I pulled over to check fuses and the power lead had melted away.

Take my advice. Spend the $150 and let the pros do it right. I had mine done and it actually sounds tighter now too and you are going to be pushing more power than I have.

DUDE, THOSE PAST DUDES HAVE NO CLUE OF WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT!!! what you want to do is run the power wire from the battery to the amp, then with the turn on lead (the amp wont turn on with out this), on the back of the reciever, there should be a blue wire usally, remove some of the insulation around that, dont cut it, and wrap some of the bare wire for the turn on lead around that area thats stripped. and connect that to the amp. if you want to add a switch, this is the wire you want to add it to!!! then just do the gruond wire and you'll be all set
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