Mono Amps


Is it possible to run two subs on a mono amp?

Or do you have to have a -2 or -4 channel amp?


You can run two subs off of a mono amp...It is usually your best option to do that..It gives better sound. I have 2 Alpine Type R's running off of a JL 500/1 mono amp and it sounds excellent

Yes you can run more than one sub off of a mono amp but make sure what stability your amp can go down to and see what you subs are playing at. I have 4 12" type r's running off of 1 mtx 81000d amp

The amp doesn't care how many drivers are only cares about the load being put on it. Most mono amps are stable to 2-ohms (check your specific amp's documentation) so you can easily run two 4-ohm subs in parallel...or even 8 of them in a series/parallel combo.

Wiring is everything, it is the difference between a system and an awesome system.
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