Have 2 subs do i need 2 channel amp or can i use mono?


im gonna be purchasing 2 subs and want a sealed enclosure. not sure which subs yet but will be either infinity or jbl or mtx.. 350-400 rms. Do i need a 2 channel amp to power both of em or can i use a mono to connect to them both. dont want 2 mono cuz that would be a lot more expensive i would think. Thanks for the help!

You can use the mono amp to run both of them, but you'll have to look carefully at the impedences of the speakers and the lowest impedence the amp can handle and then wire the system accordingly

Get a good 2-channel amp that you can bridge & run the 2 subs in series to the bridged channel. This will give you the most power possible without going to 2 ohms.
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