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Does the Power cable for an amp have to be hooked up directly to the car battery or can I hook it up somewhere in the fuse box.

always directly to the battery. make sure you have a fuse on it within 18 inches of the battery. never try to hook it up to the fuse box unless you want to mess up your electrical system.

Matt, listen to Teflondog and save yourself a lot of headache.

Make sure not to forget the fuse very near the battery.

Um... does the power cable go to - or +?

amplifier's power cable goes to +. make sure you disconnect the negative cable of the battery while installing your system. the - cable shouldn't be put back on until you are completely done.

"Um... does the power cable go to - or +? "

If this is a serious question, you really should consider letting a professional do this for you. The $50 - $150 you save is nothing compared to the equipment you will probably destroy trying to hook it up yourself. Not trying to be rude but if you are this far lost already, hooking it up could be a fireworks display.
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