Need help hooking up Audiobahn15's


J rod
ive never hooked any audiobahn subs up before. i need to know how to and how it would sound best running off an audiobahn 1200/1 . running it will 4 g. battery cable i dont think ill need a cap but please inform me if so. there are like 4 hookups on each side of the sub, i want to run them as low as possible to get the best sound.

the 4 hook ups on each side of the sub is actually 2 because one port on each side can be used as a dummy terminal. The side with the red dot is positive and it allows you to run bigger speaker cable by putting it into 2 different ports even though its all positive. To wire subs in parallel connect the postive's together and the negatives together and run one set of positive and negative to the other sub and out to the amp. Make sure you know if your amp can handle a parallel load before you hook it up. I think the subs you have are 4 ohms each so wiring it in parallel will give you a one ohm load. Your amp has to be one ohm stable to push the subs.
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