Looking for a Small AMP (Dimensions)


I have been looking for a small sized 4 channel with say 60wpc per. I want to drive 4 Polk 5" Ex-350's. The only space I have to mount the amp would be 9"X 8-1/2" X 2".....

The application is for a motorcycle. the only small amp I have seen was the Boss AVA-245 which apparently in not made anymore plus after reading the posts on the site about BOSS I would take a pass!

Any help would be appreciated!

JJR, haven't seen many micro amps lately. I have a very small Targa in my glove box right now, about the size of three cigarette packs sitting next to each other.

It really isn't worth much but it fits in my glove box and works fine. I can actually fit a larger size amp in that place, if you have a 4-ch that works but won't fit, I'll trade you...

Email me for pictures or more specifics. I can't find any distributors still selling these but I know Kenwood, Alpine, Pioneer, Jensen...they all used to make small amps that would fit in spaces like yours.


Sorry I do not have anything. if my way back machine is still working I believe that Audio Vox used to make the small ones also. They were cheap. But being what my application if for I would guess anything would work.

I just keep on looking, BTW what were the spec's for the Targa?

it claims to be 4-ch and 200watts...but more like about 50 watts total. My head unit is preamp only so I had to have something to drive my speakers. I had this thing lying around from a trade years ago and it was really small so I gave it a try. More than adequate to drive the four 6x8" speakers in my Thunderbird.
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