Wiring a discman directly to a car amp...is it possible?


My car stereo keeps getting stolen, so I'm attempting to figure out a creative way to get car audio that won't get stolen. And seeing that I don't know too much about car audio and amps, I was hoping some one could address this question.

I was wondering if it was possible to directly feed a discman into a car amp and have the amp power all the speakers in the car, with the obvious speaker output being whatever is being played on the discman. The concerns are output levels, interfacing the discman and amp, required power level, and anything that you might think is relevant. Any help/advice would be great. Thanks!

Sure,it would work.The only serious problem you could run into is lack of output from the discman.Even with the gain all the way up on the amp,you would still have problems pushing the amp to full output.Not to mention lacking the control of bass,treble,fade,balance,crossover points, and the like.
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