Should I get this amp for my subs???


Hi guys....i really need some help choosing an amps here....
this is the deal:

i have: 2 10" audiobahn 300 watt sub (dual 4) in a box under the back seat of a 98 ext cab chevy (.75 cu ft per sub)

I am looking to get an amp but i dont have a whole lot of cash right i was looking at an audiobahn A6004T intake amp...
I have heard some audiobahn stuff before and i really like their A/B and High Current amps, but i have never heard anything about their Intake amps.

So what i ask is are their Intake amps good???

And will the A6004T drive my 2 10's if i wire them in series-parallel and bridge the amp??? It would make a 4 ohm load i think and the amp says 300x2 @ 4ohms but will it really give that kinda power.

Please help, i am looking to buy an amp in about a week!!!

some one please help me!!!!!
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