2000 FOCUS SE Wiring troubles (unknowledged, Please HELP???)


2000 FOCUS SE Wiring troubles (unknowledged, Please HELP???)
I have 2 Sony xplode AMPs, 1 is a 4Channel444wts, and the other a D-CLASS MONO1200wts Running 2 RF PUNCH HE2 12inch. The Base is OMG Kick A--!!! Well I bought this other amp knowing I would need Highs. So I replaced the Front factory speakers with some cheep 2 way w/tweeter Walmart right and Really Icant tell the difference besides the 4chn.amp puts too much to the new speakers. And I really dont get the highs That I need and it cuts into the base sound as well. I have it wired like this. power to Capacitor, Cap is Ground, Power from cap to both amps, Both amps Grounded to The same Ground as cap. This seems to be fine. Now Rca's to D-Mono1200 INPUT, Rca's From D-Mono1200 OUTPUT THROUGH to New 444 wts 4 channel amp. remote of course running through each amp. Now remember I only have 2 new 2 ways w tweet on them. So I bridged and ran to Front Speakers. Now It don't sound right I lose base when turning the new 4chn amp up, and the adjustments on the radio are gone.
#1. Can this be fixed? #2. How to wire 2 amps correctly to Keep my base, and add highs? #3. what type( 2way,3way, tweeters only+keep factory speekers???) of speekers do I need to get the Highs I need, and do I put some in the Back doors as well?


It soudn like everything is connected correctly. It sounds like you bridged your four channel amp into two channels. This would give you a 2 Ohm load to power your each speaker. Most Comp sets only work correctly at 4 ohms. I would suggest to just run the amp as a four channel amp.

Thank You TOM I did that and it helped I also got ahold of 2 3ways and ran them 4 channel and that helped tremendously!!
Thanx again

i got a 4 chanell amp and could anyone please tell me how 2 wire 2 12" svc 4 ohm subs. would bridging the 4 chanells into 2 help. or not. wot would b the best way 2 wire them.
thanx heaps
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