Can't power up the amp


Hi. I'm using a second hand Rockford Fosgate 2600x amp. Apart from the L+ and L- terminals, I can't figure out the terminals labelled B+ and AP . I assumne GND is for ground. What I'm not sure about is, which terminals should be connected to the power source of the car? I've got a cigeratte lighter connector plug with 2 leads coming out of it, +ve and -ve. Where should I connect the +ve to and where should I connect the -ve to? I tried finding a user's manual for this amp on the web but to no success.


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Russel, ignore the porker...he's apparently forgetting that we all start somewhere.

First of all, trash the cig adapter. That amp can pull more MUCH power than the wiring behind your dash will be happy with. We're talking fire hazard here dude... Get an amplifier wiring kit from a local audio shop. Just tell them what amp you have and they will know what to sell you. It will have all the hookup goodies you need to do it right.

I'm not super familiar with the newer Fosgate amps but I know that their website is full of old owners manuals, specifications, even troubleshooting. Figure out what year your amp was made and browse the's gotta be in there somewhere.

Last, ignore jerks like the punk who replied first. They need to harass others to make them fell better about their tiny weenies. You'll get better at this but he'll still potty with tweezers.


Thanks for the really helpful reply motoman22. I got the wiring kit from a local car stereo shop as you recommended and I hooked up the amp easily. I had to get the power for the amp straight from the car's battery. There should be a moderator here though to avoid the unfortunate post above. Thanks again motoman22.


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...........but thats what makes this forum so fun,no mods.Some people just deserve a good flame!!!!!!!Straight from the battery???Where did you think it came from in the first place,a small nuclear power plant in your glove box?

I had the impression that the power from the cig lighter socket was from the battery. And it is. But I'm not too sure why I can't wire it up that way. Probably you could try to be helpful this time and let me know why rather than just post uninformative messages.


Try sucking peanut butter through a straw.Then you will know why it's a bad idea.

The cig adapter is actually one of the more powerful circuits in the car. Autos usually run a 15-20amp fuse on that line because a real cigarette lighter can pull a lot of juice if only for a few seconds.

...but even a moderate amp pulls upwards of 25-30 (or MUCH more) amps and does so as long as you have it cranked. It's just too much demand for the circuit (like running the microwave, dishwasher, electric stove AND oven at the same time on the same breaker; something's gonna pop.)

You've got the right stuff now Russell. Don't forget to put that fuse inline on the power wire just a few inches from the battery. It should have come with one, don't leave it out.

It's also a good idea to run the power wire down one side of the car and the RCA cables on the other. If you run the power wires in a bundle with the RCA wires you will get all sorts of static and alternator whine in the bueno.

Feel free to email me if you have more questions.


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Thanks motoman22. I've got the fuse installed because it came with the power cables. Thanks for telling about the way the cables should run, no wonder I get some 'fuzzy' static sound on the cd player when I accellerate. You've been a great help. Cheers.


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hey i just recently installed my deck, amp, and sub. the protection light of the amp was on and and i reinstalled the turn-on wire (blue wire) and my amp and sub was working, but when i came back to the car the protection light was on again. when i disconnected the ground wire from the cars' chassis the protection light goes off and no power is present on the amp. help anyone thanks...

Ah,yes eloquence is a great skill of mine.One of my very few.

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