I need RCA help!!!!!!!!!!


Ok so first off i have two 10 inch audiobahn flame q's and a two channel visonik amp pushin 500 watts by 2 rms. yeah i know its awesome haha. i want to add my old amp (2 channel) to power my front two speakers. Can i run rca's from the deck to one of the amps, then use the rca outs to connect a second rca cord between the two amps. and if so which amp gets the rca's from the deck (stronger or weaker amp)? p.s the visonik is the strongest. I thought that u could run rca's from the deck, then to the strongest amp, then from that amp to the weaker amp. Just need clarificatiion. Thanks all. Oh and i can use the same remote wire, and ground connect (not cord, just ground area) right?

any info appreciated

adam hutsell

take to a pro and let them do it

adam hutsell
thanks for all the help guys....(sarcasm)....but i got it figured out and done with. Without u people haha

sorry man, i wasnt really checkin out the amps section much, but yes, you can do it, head unit to big amp, big amp to smaller amp, you can use the same remote wire, but i wouldnt recommend using the same ground. dif. ground wire would be best. that way there is nothing interfering. improper grounding is the biggest problem with most systems.

adam hutsell
thanks man i appreciate it

you really should go smallamp to big amp

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I would try a hammer and some acetone Joe.It always works for me.
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