Subwoofer/Amp trouble. Need Help.


I just got an infinity PERFECT 12.1 sub and i have and mtx rt2200 amp. When ever I start to turn the gain up on the amp, the sub goes nuts, it hits random notes really loudly and doesn't go with the music. Is the amp broken or is it just a wiring problem? Thanks.

I wish I knew what the problem was that you are experiencing. The only advice I have for you is to maybe try posting in the Car Sound & Performance Forum as they are much more active. You will have a better chance of getting a helpful reply. Here is the address
I hope that helps and good luck Philip!

Philip Johnson

Philip Johnson
I had the amp installed at the best place in town, even so the installer forgot to screw in my ground wire. And if that weren't enough he told me that the sub preout was bad, which is wierd becaue i have a pretty nice alpine headunit. So he plugged the amp into the rear preout and it worked fine except I can't turn the sub on and off anymore. Thanks for answering my post.


Try to use some other preout cables. That one might be cut somewhere and connect the ground.

I'm not a certified professional in this area, but I might be able to help you. I know someone that has a camaro with two amps banging two 12's, and a stock head unit, he wanted to have independent control of each individual amps/sub so he wired the amp remotes to toggle switches in the dash and from there to an accessory power source in the fuze box. He can turn the subs on and off with a flick of a switch. Hope this helps.


Im wondering if anyone can help me.
I have an Alpine headunit with a sub pre-out
going to my 4/3/2 channel Alpine amp in the trunk. Im want to push 2 Pioneer 10" subs with it, even though it is not ideal for subs. The amp is bridgeable on channels 1-3 and 2-4. When I hooked up the amp the light came on so that i knew i had power but no sound is going through the subs. The bridged power is 4ohm stable and the subs are each 4ohm. Could it be the wiring? I have them wired + to + and - to - on each sub

I have two 12's banging with a pioneer radio and amp. Lately one speaker has been going in and out. When i am driving all of a sudden the one side just goes out, and then cuts back on. I checked the wiring and everything. I can't see anything, its been hooked up for a while now, but recently started to do this. Any suggestions?

what trait about a subwoofer means more bass? larger size, more watt's, or what?

size and the box

hey i have a friend that has 2 pioneer 400 watts 10"subwoofers. when he frist got the subwoofers and the pioneer 200 watt amp it worked great. But now only one subwoofer will hit. he have tried different cables and 2 different amps. but he cant get both of them to hit at the same time. he have to put one amp on one speaker to make it hit. he can't hook one amp to both of the subwoofers to make them sound good. what could be the problem.

than its blown..........i think

i'm looking for an amp. again for two typw r alpine's. i wanted to get a 2 channel 600 watt amp, now i'm not so sure. i don't understand when it's says "220 watts RMS x 1 in bridged mode". does that mean that i can only hook up one sub to that amp? what would be my best way to run my subs and amp, 2ohms, 4 or bridged, someone please fill me in.

I have a MA audio amp and on jl w3 12 i have everything wired right and i bridged the amp tot he one sub but i have music still playing with the sub when it hits how can i fix this?
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