Audiobahn 1000 vs alpine 1000 watt amp


alpines new amp uses mosfet and audiobahns does not what is the advantage of mosfet on a class d amp will the new alpine amp hit harder also rockfords 1000 watt amp at 2 ohms wich of these amps have you guys had best excperience with or heard the best things about i am getting ready to percase two of these to power two audiobahn flame q subs.

the rockford amp is a tremendous amp, but alpine's amplifier probably won't burn out like a rockford will. I've heard the audiobahn 2000 watt amp and it sounds pretty good but i don't know how long it will last. To be real i would go with a usa amp to power your subs cause i use a 3000 watt usa amp on my flame compressions and the town hates me. lol
any other amp will blow eventually. all 3 amps are expensive so you might as well go with USAMPS.

Jim Strong
Get a used Orion 275 HCCA off of Ebay for about $400. You will never look back. It will pound to high hell and be clear as water. I myself have had great experience with the USAMPS line. They are one of the few SERIOUS amplifiers left on the market. The new Orion stuff is great but it won't touch the older stuff. If you get any Orion HCCA amplifier, 225/250/275/2100 you will be thoroughly mpressed and will be one of the big boys on the block.
Right now I have a bd1000 running a single RF POWER HX2 10" and it pounds. I have yet to pop an amp and it is going on two years old. I bought it right before the bd1500 came out. I was mad when the 1500 came out. I HAD the baddest they had to offer for about a month......
Anyhoo. If you pick up one of the HCCA amps you won't be sorry. Don't worry about warranty, if you hook it up right it will never die. I have two Orions from the mid 90s in my car right now and they are amazing. Check out Ebay, type in Orion. That's the good stuff.

Dominic L.
actually I got the a8000t audiobahn mono has mostef on it :\

and it is new.


I'd say go Alpine or RF.
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