Help!! I have 2 10" Jensen subs and I need to know what amp I should get


I know nothing on this subject at all so I need any resident experts help here. I have a small pickup with two 10" jensen subs behind the seat and its pretty good but I really want them to hit hard and I know my cd player isn't pushing them enough. Can someone please give me suggestions on what would be the best amp to buy and at what power?

I was lookin threw webpages and i saw ur question. what u need to do is find out the max peak of watts in both of ur 10's put together and by a 2 channel Jensen amp with the same amount of wattage as ur max peak of the two 10's put together. That will be the cheapest amp that u will get with it sounding as good as u want it to.

yah and that would probbalby equal $5,000, screw that, that aint right.

actually jensen amps are fairly cheep. I had a 400 watt jensen that had enough power to blow out a couple of 300 watt subs, but before they blew they were sounding pretty good. Don't listen to heynow, he dosn't have a clue. You will probably be able to pick one up for 100-200 bux- look on ebay
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