Pioneer amp and no bass


My friend gave me his pioneer 300w amp to troubleshoot since I am pretty good at electronics... And, I am stumped. It makes plenty of power above the crossover point, but below it, it will only make power if you drive it hard with the output of another amp into the high input on the pioneer. It then makes power cleanly to about 325 watts. When you turn the crossover on, it removes the high frequencies but still nothing below the crossover freq. That's why I think it may have something to do with something in the crossover being shorted, but I don't have a schematic so it's hard to test the crossover...

Any help would be appreciated.

is the crossover set to be a Low Pass or a High Pass?

Sounds like you are experiencing a well-working high pass crossover.

Yes, that would be the case, but it is supposed to be a low pass. This amp has no high-pass.
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