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I have a USA-5 Custom Audiosound stereo receiver to power my 6 disc CD-changer in my 1966 Mustang. It pushes 100 watts (I believe).
It is hooked up to two 4" Jensen speakers with 90 watts peak power and 30 watts RMS and two 6X9 Pioneer speakers with 120 watt max and a nominal power of 30 watts.
I want to know if anything will be messed up if I hook it up to a Jensen amp that is 40w x 2 max IC power.
Please help me!

tommy g
although those jensen 4" are rated at 90 i have never seen 4" inch speakers that could take an amp without chirping/almost dying...if i were u i would hook those 4"inch jensens straight to the radio and hook the amp to the 6x9s...if u put all of them your 4inch will sound louder than the 6x9s right away and u will be wasting your 6x9s speakers power and when u really crank it those 4 inch will probably start to rattle.there is always a solution to what u want but that is the easiest route to go...

tommy g
u could put those 4s in parallel which is +to + and -to -on one channel and put the 6x9s the same to the other and control the wattage with your fader if your radio has one but that is a little more complicated than just putting the 4s to your radio and your 6x9s to the amp.either way always have fuses to you crap or your going to blow the system instead of the fuse and never ever replace that fuse with one bigger .smaller is ok for a temporary onelike a 15 for a 20 ..... but u might blow them like crazy if u put one way smaller ,example replacing a 30amp fuse with a 5 amp...

Brandon Brock
Thanks man! How do I go about hooking up a fuse to it?
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