AMP for 2 400 W Audiobhan Subs


Any suggestions as to what amp I should use to run the 2 400 W audiobhan's?

Do they peak at 400, or is that the RMS. You judge what amp you need by you RMS wattage. Let me know what the RMS wattage is on each and at what omhs they run and ill look for an amp.

The specs that I recieved on the speakers goes as follows, they are 8 inch audiobhan's, 400 RMS a piece I think, the ad from where i bought them from said 2 400 RMS 8 inch speakers, so I am assuming that each 8 inch sub is 400 RMS, but thats a lot of RMS for just one 8 inch speaker. The omhs on the speakers is set at 4. Heres the link where i got them from and see for yourself, and also thanks for your help and i hope to hear from ya soon. Link......

aight well i looked at that site and it doesnt tell me all i need to know so im gonna look for those same subs on different sites and see if i can find better specifications, then ill get bak 2 u on what amp you should get

aight im pretty sure your subs are dual voice coil subs. by the way u got a good deal, anyway.. if you wire them in a parallel you will get 2 ohms independence per woofer. which would mean it would need 200 watts rms per sub at 2 ohms so personally i think you should get the rockford fosgate 301s, you can get it off of ebay for a little over $100 which is a great deal. the link to this website will show you how to wire them in a parallel if they arent already its the bottom right diagram.

thanks a bunch!

don't go with the rockford fosgate- the newer models suck.... i'm one class away from a degree in microcomputer electronics, so i know what i'm talken about. Go with an audiobahn. Find one that is either a two channel amp stable to 2ohms stereo, or a one channel amp stable to 1 ohm mono. You should give them at least half of their RMS rating. ex. 2 400 watt subs, one 400-800 watt amp. Look on ebay for great deals on audiobahn amps. E mail me if u have any questions or want a specific suggestion-Shaun

Actually I have an Audiobahn myself. I was just under the impression that Rcokford Fosgate was top of the line. Anyway shaun, what kind of amp do you have? I have the Audiobahn A8002T. Its pushin 2 15inch Pioneers.
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